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Calligraphy Three: Advanced with Anne Elser - July

Calligraphy Three: Advanced with Anne Elser - July

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Calligraphy Three: Advanced with Anne Elser
6 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $160 | Max.10
ARTZ1458 | Tuesdays, July 8 - August 12, 6 - 8pm

Calligraphy 3 is an advanced beginner calligraphy class designed for those who have taken Calligraphy 2 & 3 or who already know the fundamentals of any calligraphic hand and are ready for the challenge of applying the words and other elements to the page.

Whether you are addressing envelopes, designing a monogram, laying out a certificate, document, or quote of any size, this class will help you understand the concept of hierarchy on a page, drama, stable compositions, and the balance of elements.

You will also be encouraged to take the plunge into the world of flourishing! Experimentation with color inks, gouache, metallics and paper is also encouraged. Bring in your free spirits and let's have fun

Instructor Bio:

After earning a BFA in painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduate studies in Graphic Design at The Portfolio Center, Anne Elser began her artistic career as a painter, bookbinder, designer, and calligrapher. With over 20 years teaching experience, her students often report how fulfilling the classroom experience is, prompting both personal and artistic transformations. Anne's classes are also FUN and full of laughter and you will find the sense of community she inspires  enriching and entertaining.

To compliment and serve better Atlanta's calligraphic and book arts communities, Anne recently founded "The Atlanta Penablers" a group that meets the first Friday night of every month.

Artist, calligrapher, teacher, mother, and friend, Anne believes making art creates a channel for truth and is a soulful reflection of the connections shared by all.

This Workshop takes place in our Buckhead store.

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