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FREE! Adobe Illustrator Demo with Daniel Flores

FREE! Adobe Illustrator Demo with Daniel Flores

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FREE! Adobe Illustrator Demo with Daniel Flores
ARTZ7314 | Saturday, October 4, 12:30 – 1:30pm



Illustrate your world with vector. Learn how to draw basic characters and background. We’ll be create a cartoon character using a pen tool, adding and subtracting points, drawing and moving lines, manipulating color and tones, shapes, brushes, merging objects, controlling layers, text formatting and typography, it’s easy and fun.

Beginning with an introduction we’ll start with the Mac vs. PC wars, covering high and low resolution, web and print. Learn to navigate menus, panels, basic document rules, pixels, inches, canvas size, explore the toolbox and setting preferences, and start a project.

Sample class direction:

Instructor Bio:

A natural born artist, Daniel Flores has wielded a pencil in hand since 1975. Daniel’s talents include graphic design, drawing, illustration and painting. Daniel is an active participant in various local art related events including Art, Beats + Lyrics, Castleberry Hill Art Walk, World Wide Art Federation, Body Painting events, Mano A  Mano Art Shows, and the Black Book Conversations. Mano Art Shows has proven to be an awesome show where artists get an opportunity to show the world their talent.

Daniel can be found all over the web representing his art shows, illustrations, custom skateboard designs, and graphic design under his artist name: DTM-DaCreativeGenius

This event takes place in our Ponce City Market location

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