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Intuitive Painting Two FREE! Demo with Jessica Gordon

Intuitive Painting Two FREE! Demo with Jessica Gordon

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Intuitive Painting Two FREE! Demo with Jessica Gordon
1 Session | All Levels | Price: FREE!
ARTZ1484 | Saturday, August 2, 10:30am – 12pm


This is a follow up to Intuitive Painting One. In this workshop we delve a little deeper into how those creative stumbling blocks may still be appearing in your studio. We continue to work painting exercises, but this time we work at building an approach to our work that we know we can use whenever we start to feel stagnant. It is important for students of this workshop to come opened to letting go of control and perfection all together. This is completely about the freedom to paint!

Gather around with artists of all abilities as we tap into that unique creative source that we all carry with us. Artists require two different abilities. The one that we most often discuss is skill. There are plenty of classes that will help you develop your skills at drawing, under painting, color mixing, glazing techniques, oil painting, ceramics, acrylic painting, charcoal, pastel, etc. That is NOT what THIS workshop is about. We are delving into the other required (and most important) ability – CREATIVE INSPIRATIN (aka – talent). This is t he out-of-the-box thinking that allows you to make decisions with your gut instead of your head. It’s when you forget everything you’ve learned and start to make those skills part of your being, not your brain. We will shut the door on some of those fears and gremlins that invade your space as you create. Come play and build your confidence as the creative artist you already are.

If you’ve not taken Intuitive Painting One, that is OK. It is perfectly fine to take this workshop without taking Intuitive Painting One first. The instructor will contact you prior to the start date to discuss details.

Instructor Bio:

Jessica Gordon has been a professional Artist and Color Consultant for 15 years; having graduated from the Atlanta College of Art with a degree in Painting in 1997. Her obsession with color was born in a figure painting class where each color had to be mixed on the pallet, scooped up with the pallet knife, walked over to the model to match that particular skin tone & shadow, before the paint was allowed to touch the brush or the canvas. It was then, that Jessica was sucked in to the world of paint colors. Color mixing has given her a unique understanding of the make-up of color and how to achieve certain nuances.

After college, Jessica furthered her color and paint education by working in retail paint stores, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of the paint industry from the manufacturers themselves. Painting murals, creating decorative finishes, working in paint stores and continuing to create fine art have all provided Jessica with essential professional experience. Desperate for more information, Jessica was searching for a graduate program in color consulting or color theory; although one does not exist, she was delighted to find the IACC-NA (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers–North America) in 2004.

In 2007, Buckets of Color was created as Jessica launched out on her own, solely creating her income from Color Consulting. She considers this work both fulfilling and joyful. After consulting with her 1,000th client; Jessica left the Annapolis MD area and moved back to Atlanta, GA.

This event takes place in our Buckhead location

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