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  • Visiting with MOCAga 2014 Fellow Scott Ingram

    Enjoyed a great afternoon with Atlanta based artist Scott Ingram as part of MOCAga's ArtMERGE.

    We met in Atlanta's Ormewood neighborhood to take in and discuss Scott's "Pierced House Project". Two years in the making - Scott and a 12 people crew pierced this modular home (scheduled for demolition) with a 47 foot wooden spike made of popular.

    Pierced House Project

    The entire piece was removed, including the pieces of the wall, to install somewhere else at a later date.

    The Pierced Project is an incredible piece that manipulates you, as you deal with the space around it. It's invasive and brings to mind thought of bridges cutting through the air.

    Photo(2) Daniel Sanzone & Scott Ingram

    Scott's assistant, Daniel Sanzone was on hand as well to discuss and share insights on the project. Daniel use his artistic voice to blend the worlds of technology and biology.

    Scott Ingram Studio Tour

    As a 2014 recipient of MOCAga Working Artist Program Scott is putting together his pieces for his MOCA GA Blue Collar Modernism showscheduled for July 12th through September 13th.

    Opening reception: Friday, July 11th / 6:30-8:30pm


    Scott Ingram

     Scott Ingram Bio

    (b. 1968 in Drumright, Oklahoma) makes work that comments on art and architecture in human environments. Based in an American aesthetic, his range of artworks includes paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography as well as functional objects. Growing up in the Midwest, he was heavily influenced by the great modern architects of Chicago. Working for the Des Moines Art Center, Ingram developed an in-depth understanding of contemporary art within the context of architecture. Ingram has been exhibiting for more than 18 years and has been included in exhibitions around the United States as well as Spain and Canada. Most recently he exhibited at Solomon Projects, and Emily Amy Gallery in Atlanta and Anna Kustera Gallery in New York, as well as Florida Atlantic University and Auburn University. His work is collected by numerous private and corporate collections, as well as the High Museum of Art. In December, Ingram debuted a new installation of cinder blocks floating in a swimming pool for the NADA art fair during Miami Basel. Ingram lives, works and produces his work in Atlanta, GA.

  • Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Introducing Holbein's Re-Engineered Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Holbein's re-engineered Heavy Body Artist Acrylic is available at BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames (please check with your local store for availability). These high quality acrylics deliver more color vigor and higher light-fast ratings at a great price and have been specifically designed to add more luster and brilliance to your paintings!

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist AcrylicAvailable in 60ml (2.0 fl. oz.) tubes, the artist acrylic will retain any peaks or ridges with thick applications - can be easily thinned with mediums or water - or can be used in a thin, dry coat.

    Superior, smooth and vivid in every way Holbein's Heavy Body Acrylic is available in 113 colors, all designed utilizing the best traditional organic pigments and the latest and most up to date inorganic pigments. Whether painting small or large, opaque or transparent, Holbein's Heavy Body Artist Acrylics are certain to meet and surpass the demands of the modern artist.

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Color Chart

  • BINDERS Emerging Artists Tent at The Old Fourth Ward Park Art Festival

    Calling All Emerging Artists!

    We are so excited to have partnered with The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and The Old Fourth Ward Park Art Festival to bring you...


    This is an amazing opportunity for artists that have NEVER participated in a JURIED Art Festival!

    CLICK HERE for the application.

    Emerging Artists in Atlanta

    The Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival will showcase a wide variety of artistic disciplines including painting, metalwork, fiber art, ceramics, jewelry, woodcraft and more. As well as fine arts and crafts the festival will showcase a children's play area, local food & drink and live acoustic entertainment in the amphitheater.

    The two day festival is a major celebration of the ARTS while honoring the rich history of the Old Fourth Ward. Please CLICK for more information about all the goodness happening down here!

    Old Fourth Ward Art Festival

    The Fourth Ward Park backs up to the redevelopment of Ponce City Market - which will house the new BINDERS store opening late this summer. 

    We are so excited to be part of this historic neighborhood.

    Binders at Ponce City Market

    AFFPS_LogoThe Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces was founded by artists, for artists; by the community, for the community.

    The AFFPS is creating environments for artists to showcase to a growing public in large art and community focused events.



  • Erin Dusza Brings Art History to Life

    Q&A with Art History Professor Erin Dusza

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    Art History with Erin DuszaI am a proud Army Brat. I fell in love with the architecture and history of medieval Europe while living overseas. It took a few years for me to take that interest and meld it with academic history. I have a B.F.A. in Theater Design and an M.A. in Art History. I wrote my thesis on Alphonse Mucha's later career and a Czech patriotic movement called Pan-Slavism. I currently teach Art History part-time at the Art Institute of Atlanta in Decatur and have students tell me every quarter that they hate history . . . until they take it with me!

    I love getting to share my love of history in a casual, funny story telling kind of way to show how interesting history can be. I also love studying about Ancient Egypt, Medieval and Renaissance Europe and the Early 20th Century. OK, and just about anything in between!

    Outside of academics, I also like to study the development of the Walt Disney Company and its theme parks, European and Mexican cooking, old movies and Broadway Musicals. I have two Cairn Terrier children and a wonderful husband who supports me at home and puts up with all my quirks.

    “I love getting to share my love of history in a casual, funny story telling kind of way to show how interesting history can be.”

    What is it about Art History that excites you?

    So many people remember their history classes from grade school; in year “x”, “blah blah” invaded here and after the battle of “blech” they gathered at “boring point” and signed the treaty of “snore”.

    I found I could study history the way I liked it - by looking at an artifact made by someone in that time - and ignore the battles and treaties that I found boring. I could connect what was happening in a time period by looking at what they made, how they made it and how they chose to make it look. Each work of art tells a story, so I enjoy telling the stories and connecting the history - not the other way around!

    Art History with Erin Dusza Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    Can you give an example of a story you find particularly interesting, behind a piece of artwork?

    A perfect answer to your question would be the story of how the Mona Lisa got so famous. Before 1911, the Mona Lisa was a lesser known work by Leonardo Da Vinci. On August 21st, 1911, Vincenzo Perugia stole the Mona Lisa, believing that he would be hailed a hero in Italy for returning the work to its homeland.

    The result was a grand print media campaign as the world looked for the small renaissance painting. That print campaign literally established the Mona Lisa as the most famous painting in the world. I think that makes for a pretty amazing story.

    What do you hope students take away from these classes?

    I want to open their eyes to the impact that historical styles and works still have on us today. In My Monuments Men lecture I want them to learn the lesser told story of the role of artwork in WWII and also the dangers of extremism. In the Women Artists class I want them to learn about what women went through to become artists, gain acceptance, and the influences they had on not just one another but also the artistic world at large. I am also happy to take suggestions on any other desired subject matter!

    Art History_Dusza_MonumentsMenThe Art of Monuments Men with Erin Dusza


    Did you know that art played a large role in WWII? That Hitler actually made of list of artwork he wanted from different cities in Europe BEFORE he made his invasion plans? Did you see the movie Monuments Men and still have questions? Want to sit down with an art historian for an evening and have your questions answered? The evening will include a look at Hitler's relationship to art, the works he and his men stole, and the efforts made to protect and recover art from his troops.

    Art History with Dusza Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    Women Artists through History with Erin Dusza



    Why did women struggle to become artists? What obstacles did they face? How did women artists contribute to Art History? This course will cover from the Renaissance through early 20th century art. It will include an examination of artistic training, techniques, salons and receptions to women artists. There will also be discussions of female patrons, and innovators. Come see history from a feminine perspective!

    Written by Jacob Gunter

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email


  • The Art of Sculpting Custom Toys

    Elizabeth Sanquiche is not Afraid to Follow her Passions

    Sculpting Custom Toys Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Tell us a little about yourself.

    I was born in New York City and raised in Queens and Long Island. I studied at Queens College and City University of New York where I focused on business. I had the desire to study English as well. I was always passionate about writing. I worked the corporate retail world for 18+ years running million dollar businesses, but I left that in 2009 to pursue my true passion, art.

    I was artistic as a young child, always drawing and painting. At four I learned to read and play classical music on the piano. In second grade I learned to play the flute and continued with both of those up until college. For a few years in middle school my family moved us to Puerto Rico. Music is what I intended to pursue with plans to study at the music conservatory in San Juan. I was always playing in bands and orchestras and had the wonderful opportunity of being chosen to play in the band for the Pan American Games opening/closing ceremonies in 1979. But life happens and plans changed and shifted.

    “While going through a tough personal transition I submersed myself in writing and sculpting like a new obsession, it consumed me and I ate, slept and breathed sculpting. I've never looked back and I have no regrets because I believe I found my true calling as a sculptor.”


    My younger brother by 8 years, who I babysat on many an occasion is also an artist, illustrator. We sat for endless hours as kids drawing together and nurturing our only desire, to make art. In 2009, he turned me on to the world of blank DIY (do-it-yourself) Munnys. Coercing me to go online and view what artists were doing with this platform, he said it would be good for me to break back into art, any art as long as I was creating. He wanted me to get inspired. I was amazed at the talent and creations of so many artists. That was the first time I touched clay, a new medium for me. I fell in love with 3D art. While going through a tough personal transition I submersed myself in writing and sculpting like a new obsession, it consumed me and I ate, slept and breathed sculpting. I've never looked back and I have no regrets because I believe I found my true calling as a sculptor.

    Sculpting Custom Toys Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What inspires you the most to create?

    That's a tough question. I'm inspired by so many things. Let's start with Disney, a big part of my childhood. Once I had children, I started collecting movies which I would say was for them, but in honesty it was as much for me too. I never get tired of watching animation. My kids are grown now, and I still go out and buy new releases, but not just Disney. I enjoy Pixar, Anime, Manga and any high end animation that tells an amazing story with unique characters. I'm a huge fan of claymation and the work of Tim Burton. There are so many aspects to that art that intrigue me, but sculpting and animating characters I find fascinating. That would be a dream job for me, to work on a set for a production like that or even be mentored by the elite talent in the industry.

    “Once I had children, I started collecting movies which I would say was for them, but in honesty it was as much for me too. I never get tired of watching animation.”


    I collect art books: watercolor, photography, drawing, airbrushing, graffiti, fantasy, fine art, graphic art, beasts and creatures, sculpture, and how-to books. You name it I love it all because it opens my eyes to different angles, concepts, perceptions, styles. One book can give me a good 1/2 dozen ideas for sculptures I want to create. It just triggers new ideas and so now I keep a notebook with a list of those ideas. A place, an object, a scent, a person, a dream, almost anything can cause inspiration. Sometimes while I'm in the midst of sculpting a project I get visions for other ones and I jot down key points that will trigger the vision for when I'm ready to create. As for other artists, there are too many artists to name but a few that I enjoy are, Caia Koopman, Tara Mcpherson, Camilla D'errico, Kathy Olivas, Brandt Peters, Travis Louie, and Greg Simkins.

    Sculpting Custom Toys Image Courtesy of the Artist

    The main thing is saturating myself in the creative world. I’m constantly trying to connect and meet new artists. I'm fortunate to know a lot of artists in the customizing world which I can now call friends and by just being themselves, makes this process enjoyable. I use social media as a huge tool to see what other creators are doing, being in the loop. It inspires me. It motivates me to keep moving forward. It helps me to analyze and critique my strengths and opportunities. Now that this artistic passion in unleashed in me, I'm driven to keep the fire lit.

    What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in creating custom toys?

    To start, just have fun. Obviously it draws many people, it's relatable because they're toys; we all had them and played with them as kids. The direction in which you take your creativity is entirely up to you. Creators from all walks of life and all levels of skills have taken to customizing. Some do it for fun to break the monotony of what they normally do and some have turned it into a way of life. It's important to be patient because anything worth doing well takes time and comes with practice. Learn something from each process so you can improve on the next one. Almost every time I create something I've made a mistake, or dislike something from it, and I retain that so when I make the next one I push myself to a new level. I don't concern myself with what everyone is doing. I concern myself with what I'm doing or not doing but never to a point where I don't enjoy myself, and that's hard to accomplish when you've chosen to do art for a living. Forget the fear of not being creative enough, it resides within us. You just have to seek your niche. For example, you will decide you like sculpting over them, some will like painting over them; some will like just using markers and that process is the fun part! What you'll find in yourself is a new perspective... sort of a visual voice of expression. Who you will see is that creative child you thought you left behind! It's not rocket science. It's art, your art, for you to enjoy and share with others.

    “What you'll find in yourself is a new perspective... sort of a visual voice of expression.”


    Sculpting Custom Toys Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What can students expect to learn in your workshop?

    We're going to start with the basics. I'll create lists of online shops, sites, blogs and resources that people can access at home at their leisure to get into the world of customizing, to see what artists are doing and their creative processes. We'll learn about the basic tools needed to sculpt including different types of clay. How to bake clay in an oven at home and I will train them on the use of a heat gun as well. We'll each sculpt a simple unique character of our choosing, one that you'll be able to take home and paint after the two day workshop. This class was kept to the sculpting only because this process should not be rushed; it's a beginner’s class although anyone can take it. Sculpting can be labor intensive because it requires sanding and sculpting in layers which is a technique that ends with better/cleaner results. This will also allow me to work one on one and support each student's needs. I'll also bring samples of my work so students can see what pieces look like completed

    What are you planning in 2014, any major projects on the horizon?  

    Good question. Well, I just moved to Atlanta in August of 2013. So, the transition has taken a hit on my artistic workload, meaning I'm not getting as much artwork completed as I would like. However, the most important transition for me is the artistic one in the sense that I need to familiarize myself with Atlanta and what the art life has to offer. So, I've been attending art shows, creating art for shows and getting familiar with galleries, art centers, and museums. I’ve also been meeting and networking with other creatives and finding mentors. I love that Atlanta has so many art fairs but there is a process to getting into them. As a sculptor I'm looking to create a new body of work that isn't considered customs. So you will see more original sculptures from me this year and in between I will still be creating customs, either for shows and/or commissions. I've also made a commitment to myself to do more painting because it is important I grow my talent and diversify, since sculpting has been my constant medium for 5 years now. I'm working on concepts to create one or two original characters sculpts to become a vinyl toy for production. I may do a test run of a resin beast design off an original sculpt and curate an art show exclusively with that beast only. This will allow me to test the waters in the customizing world before I move on to a serious concept. Hopefully, these workshops with Binders do well so that I may continue to share and grow in the art of customizing by doing more workshops year round. This was something I never had, someone to teach or guide me. Everything I've done was self- taught and it made the process more challenging. So I'm expecting that sharing myself and my skills will develop some great creativity in my students as well as myself.


    Sculpting Custom Toys Image Courtesy of the Artist

    The Art of Sculpting Custom Toys with Liz Sanquiche


    Dive into the world of Designer Toys and Urban Vinyl! Learn to use and sculpt polymer clay, basic use of sculpting tools, instruction on baking clay with ovens and heat guns, and creating your own custom designer toy.

    We'll start with discussions about this ever changing, and re-inventing art scene and the various platforms in the industry that are available to customize such as vinyl, resin and wood. This at form is influenced by styles such as graffiti art, Manga comics, goth / punk rock, skateboard art, movies, television shows and an endless list from urban culture and pop culture.

    We will take our own artistic inspiration and apply it to vinyl platforms creating quirky characters and / or artistic sculpts that are limited only by your imagination!

    Written by Jacob Gunter

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email

  • MOCA GA Working Artists' Participating in the GALA Art Auction

    MOCA GA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia) GALA Art Auction is this Saturday and we are proud to share that BINDERS® Sponsored Working Artists have each donated a piece of their work to this great event.

    GALA Art Auction E.K. Huckaby, Annette Cone-Skelton, Scott Ingram, Howard Krinsky and Fahamu Pecou

    Art advocates, Usher Raymond IV and Grace Miguel will co-chair the event that will present more than 100 exceptional works of art by an invitation-only group of fine artists located right here in Georgia.

    Along with a paddle raise auction hosted by auctioneer Jim Landon, guests will also enjoy the ability to bid anonymously during the Silent Auction.

    The GALA Art Auction will be hosted in MOCA GA's main galleries on April 12th from 6:30 - 10pm.

    Schedule for MOCA GA GALA Art Auction

    Location: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia at 75 Bennett Street, Suite A2, Atlanta GA 30309

    Admission: $150 per person, payable online or at the door.

    Schedule: The MOCA GALA is from 6:30-10pm, the Live Auction begins at 7:30pm

    Details: Comfortable cocktail attire, heavy hors d'oeuvres, full bar, and valet parking.

    Georgia Artist's Artwork

    MOCA GA GALA Art Auction



  • Performance Makeup Calendar of Events: April 2014

    Check out these great Performance Makeup Events happening in April.

    April 12 Atlanta Fringe Festival Easter Art Hunt, Brownwood Park

    Events April 2014April 28th - May 2nd, 6pm-9pm The Makeup Lab: Series Class: Makeup Education for Film, TV & Video (CANCELLED BY INSTRUCTOR)

    Series Class: Makeup Education for Film, TV & Video

    Suitable For All Levels | Price: $450|

    The Atlanta film industry is booming, do you know what it takes to work for TV and Video productions in this city? We at BINDERS Performance Makeup want our makeup artists to be prepared and ready to work on any of the upcoming projects filming in Atlanta!

    These informative classes are both lecture and hands-on.  In Makeup Education for Film, TV & Video each day a different segment of the business will be highlighted and taught by a different professional makeup artist working in the industry.

    In this class you will learn:

    • What you need to include in your on set makeup kit
    • How to read and understand a script breakdown
    • How to set up your makeup trailer
    • How to budget a show
    • How to create unique character makeups to aesthetically please the producers, directors and actors
    • Find out what it takes to be a Department Head, Key, 2nd, 3rd, or a Dayplayer on set
    • Learn how to earn credits and apply for the union
    • Get hands-on experience
    • Learn from industry leaders

    Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this exciting and financially rewarding career field!

    *Call the store for student pricing and discounts.*

    Please note that seating is limited.  To reserve your seat in the Lab, to make payment, or for more information please call Binders Performance Makeup at (404)-237-6331x225 or email

    A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 will reserve your seat.

    Sunday, April 19, 2014 1pm-3pm Careers in Makeup Artistry

    Are you interested in a career in the exciting and fast growing profession of makeup?  Come to our career talk to hear from working professionals in the industry about the different opportunities available to working artists in Atlanta.

    Also, a union representative will be available to discuss how to apply for and get into the IATSE union.

    makeup Jam Valentines Day Sythe air brushing a Valentines' Day look.

    April 22-25, 2014 Airbrush Makeup 4-Day Boot Camp


    Airbrush makeup is the state of the art, revolutionary breakthrough system purposed for HD technology. Makeup is applied with an airbrush system that sprays a gentle mist of pigment that blankets your client’s skin. This extraordinary innovation can complete your foundation, eye shadow, eyebrows and even blush.Get the training that will help place you in front of and beyond your competition.  Paramount beauty educator, Synthe, helps leading artists aggressively position themselves in the market, pursue their objectives and develop skills to improve their productivity and performance.

    For more information contact Synthe at

    Sunday, April 27th, 11am-5:30pm The Makeup Lab: Professional Eyebrow Threading Bootcamp with Nicole Gates (CANCELLED)

    Professional Eyebrow Threading Bootcamp with Nicole Gates

    Suitable For All Levels | Price: $225 |

    PMU1408 | Sunday, April 27th, 11am-5:30pm

    Learn from Master Threader, Nicole Gatesduring this intensive 6.5 hour bootcamp!

    Through this class you will learn ABC’s of how to shape brows using the threading method.  Including:

    • Grooming techniques for both men and women
    • How to clean up hairs from the facial areas (sideburns, mustaches, other unwanted facial hair)
    • How to complete your brow look with scissor shaping, tweezers, and waxing
    • The proper after care for your clients

    The cost of this bootcamp is only $225.00.  There is a $25 non-refundable reservation fee included in this cost.

    (Please Note: There will be a follow up session for practice which is included in this price.)

    This price INCLUDES all of your supplies!

    You will earn a certificate of completion for attending this bootcamp!

    Please be aware that seating is limited:

    To reserve your seat, to make payment or for more information please call the Performance Makeup Department at Binders (404)-237-6331 or email Selena Miller at

    Sunday, April 27, 2014 2:30p-4:30p Atlanta Makeup Meetup

    Topic: Highlighting and Contouring

    Interested in makeup?  Are you a Makeup Professional? Makeup Blogger? Makeup Enthusiast?  Makeup Junkie?  Then this is the group for you!! This group is designed as a social and networking environment where participants will be exposed to and learn about the latest and greatest makeup tips and products!

    Get connected at

     April 28th - May 1st, 6pm-9pm The Makeup Lab Series Class: Advanced Makeup (CANCELLED BY INSTRUCTOR)

    The Makeup Lab Series Class: Advanced Makeup

    Suitable For Professionals and Experts | Price: $350|

    PMU1409 | April 28th - May 1st, 6pm-9pm and May 3rd, 9am-12pm

    At Binders Performance Makeup we are committed to keeping our artists informed and up to date on industry leading products, tools and equipment.  Stay competitive in the freelance makeup artist market by staying up to date with the latest products and application methods!  In this class you will learn:

    • Gain hands on experience
    • Learn from industry leaders
    • Learn the “must-have” items to include in your makeup kit
    • Learn how to custom blend foundation colors, powders and concealers
    • Learn face contouring and highlighting
    • Learn what it takes to be competitive in the freelance market
    • Learn how to create makeups for natural, business, evening, glamour and special events
    • Learn how to guide a photoshoot to get the shots you want!  Build your portfolio!

    This price includes a makeup kit but please call the store for student pricing and discounts.

    Please note seating is limited.  For more information please call (404)-237-6331x225 or email

    Saturday, May 3, 2014 1p-5p Atlanta Makeup Meetup Prom Makeup Give Back

    Performance Makeup Events April 2014Join the Atlanta Makeup Meetup as they work with GLINC to spread their love of makeup to girls on their way to Prom!  For more information

    Sunday, May 4, 2014 11a-5p Makeup Jam (Start times will be staggered.)

    Calling all Models, Photographers and Makeup Artists!  Need photos for your portfolio?  Looking to update your website?  Come to Binders Performance Makeup and create art!  For more information head to:

  • Update on the Kolinsky Brushes

    Kolinsky Brush UpdateMany artists have been concerned about the on going shortages of Kolinsky Sable brushes.

    These fine artist's brushes, made from the tail hair of a weasel rather than an actual sable, can no longer be exported into the United States. It's important to know that the Kolinsky (mustela siberica) is NOT AN ENDANGERED SPECIES. Although U.S. importers have been using the same forms without issue for years, in late 2012 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service halted and in some cases seized shipments including Kolinsky brushes.

    The international Art Materials Association - NAMTA - is leading the U.S. effort to find a solution. To read the recent press release please CLICK HERE.

    We understand how frustrating this has been been for all involved and appreciate your patience.

  • Cold Wax Techniques with Cindy Walton

    Q&A with Visiting Instructor Cindy Walton

    Cindy Walton Cold Wax Techniques Image Courtesy of the Artist

    1. This is your first class with BINDERS Art School. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I have been a practicing artist for over 15yrs.I have always made art and grew up in a family that encouraged the arts. My home state is Florida but I went to North Carolina to college and have resided in the Carolina's ever since. My husband Scott and I raised our two daughters in Asheville, NC. We have lived in Western Carolina over 25 yrs. 

    2. Tell us about your studio space at the Wedge Studios in Asheville. 

    My studio space is a shared space with three other artists. I am located in the historic River Arts District in Asheville. The studio is open to the public most of the time. If I need a little undisturbed time I’ll work early or late in the day. I keep business hours at the studio Thurs-Sat. 11-3.

    Cindy Walton Cold Wax Techniques Image Courtesy of the Artist

    3. How would you describe your practice?

    I try to work consistently each week. I have always felt making art is a growing process. To grow as an artist you must work on a consistent basis each week. I have always told my students allot a certain amount of time for art each week. That time could be 2 hours or 40 hours but be consistent.

    4. What are you working on currently?

    My latest series has developed over the last few months. The prominent color palette is red, blue green and gold. I tend to work intuitively while thinking how to develop space in each painting. I have found that I really enjoy writing in the paintings. I tend to write letters, prayers or just random marks. Our group of artists recently lost a dear friend and during that time I was writing a lot of prayers on her behalf. So what began as a compositional challenge evolved to a more emotion driven theme which I have titled the series "Prayers for Annie".

    Cindy Walton Cold Wax Techniques Image Courtesy of the Artist

    5. Can you explain the difference between cold wax and encaustics?

    Cold wax medium is a medium added to oil paint to extend the paint. Cold wax medium is a mixture of beeswax, varnish and solvent (turp.) This medium being wax will build up on the surface more quickly than oil paint and linseed oil or let's say Liquin etc used as mediums. The drying time is more like using oils than acrylics, watercolor or encaustic. I have met painters who paint representational subjects with brush and/or palette knife, mixed media artists and other artists across the board using this medium.

    Encaustic painting on the other hand is heat fused beeswax mixture. Most of the pigments are heated and applied to a surface. There is a good bit of toxic fumes emitted so good ventilation is necessary. The wax dries quickly which will allow the artist to build layers very quickly and work back into the surface.

    6. What do you hope students will learn in your Abstraction and Cold Wax Techniques workshop?

    One of my goals in workshops is to encourage exploration. With a new medium there is a lot of experimentation and having fun. I encourage each student to not come to the class with expectations of finished work but to allow themselves to explore and play.

    Cindy Walton Cold Wax Techn Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Abstraction and Cold Wax Techniques with Cindy Walton


    Please join us in exploring the diversity of cold-wax medium used with oil paint, pigment sticks and powdered pigments. Cold-wax medium is wonderful for oil painters to experiment with, using non-traditional tools to achieve texture and finishes similar to encaustic but without the caustic fumes and heat. This exciting medium is gaining widespread popularity, and opens doors for oil painters to explore new techniques and surface effects. Cindy says, “Cold-wax medium has totally changed the way I approach painting. It offers opportunities to develop layers of introspective and emotional interpretations.”

    Follow Cindy at her blog here.

    Written by Jacob Gunter

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email

  • Jes Gordon - An Abstract Expressionist at Heart

    Q&A with Artist/Instructor Jes Gordon

    1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I’m Jes Belkov Gordon and I’m a painter; an intuitive painter. I graduated from the Atlanta College of Art with a BFA in Painting in 1997. After school I went on the study with the IACC, (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers) where we focused on the human response to color. This study was mostly focused on the built environment and I’ve spent about 15 years consulting on color choices for all sorts of applications.

    In recent years my devotion to liquid color (painting) as visual art instead of design has taken back over my professional life. I had continued to paint and teach art after college but I’d say that I have decided that my life needs to be about Art or bust! So, my family and I have made some choices to lower our expenses so neither my husband (a musician) or I have to make money doing things that don’t fall directly in line with our PASSIONS. Design is not my PASSION. I love painting. I love color. I love teaching. Now that this is what my life is all about, it makes for a really happy me!

    2. Tell us about your studio space at…

    I recently moved my studio. I was happy at Sycamore Place in Decatur for about a year and a half. The winter began to really get to me, and the cold was not helping my materials or my state of mind. I really wanted a temperature controlled environment, so my search began.

    I am blessed to live at East Lake Commons (a co-housing community). I approached a neighbor and asked if they would be willing to rent me a portion of their basement. He already has a woodshop down there, so it seemed like a possible fit. I’m thrilled to say that they said yes! And now, my studio is literally 25 steps away from my front door!

    “I’m probably an abstract expressionist at heart. But I’m just a happier person… I don’t know if I’d be allowed in the club since I’m not in a tortured state of existence.”
    Jes Gordon Image Courtesy of the Artist

    I love looking out over the woods and the pond and painting to my heart’s content. It is also a ton easier to be there for my 8 year old son. Since he spends most of his time playing outside with his friends, I can get studio time and hubby can get rehearsal time and son can get play time all at the same time. It’s a magical existence!

    3. How would you describe your creative process?

    Intuitive painting is a practice where you allow yourself to connect to your inner creative source. So that means that I walk up to a blank sheet and communicate with the materials to be guided. Sometimes I will ask the paper what it wants, or the brush what color it needs, or the palette what color needs to be mixed. It’s about finding the joy in the process of creation. Once color has been communicated I use a myriad of techniques to connect with inspiration to make quick decisions about shape and form and line and texture. I look at it like a playground.

    Jes Gordon An Abstract Expressionist at Heart Image Courtesy of the Artist

    In school we focused on a lot of prep before we paint. I have to say that took out all of the fun for me. I know a lot of artists really enjoy the process of studies and prep before each painting. For me that was like painting with my hands tied behind my back. I NEED to be free! I’m probably an abstract expressionist at heart. But I’m just a happier person… I don’t know if I’d be allowed in the club since I’m not in a tortured state of existence.

    4. What are you working on currently?

    I have a few series that I keep coming back to… one is about my thyroid. I had my thyroid removed when I was 17. About a year ago I discovered that the images that I kept painting looked like thyroids. I did a little research and saw that I really was intuitively painting a gland that I no longer possess… So I find myself painting thyroids and now I’m drawn to making them as well. Some sculpture may be in my near future.

    Jes Gordon An Abstract Expressionist at Heart Image Courtesy of the Artist

    I have these floaties that have recently appeared in my work and I’ve become addicted to them as well. I kinda look at them like my creative source spirits. And they just keep appearing. I’m wondering if the thyroids and the floaties will combine… We will just have to wait and see…

    Jes Gordon An Abstract Expressionist at Heart Image Courtesy of the Artist

    5. What do you hope students will learn in your Intuitive Painting courses?

    For me, I hope that the Intuitive Painting students begin to believe strongly in their own creativity. I want them to feel confident about their desire to create art, and that it is a valid practice that deserves their time and attention. I have a lot of students who come to me kinda crushed. I want to build them back up and help them feel like they are worthy.

    I think the best thing that I offer is a separation of skill and talent. We can take classes in skill and learn anything if we practice at it. Talent is untouchable. Talent is something we all have access to and no one can take away from us. When a teacher from a class is criticizing your work harshly, they are speaking to your skill. So we should never take that personally. I mean we wouldn’t get mad at or feel attacked by someone for explaining how to use a new computer program that we’ve never used before, would we? For some reason the line between talent and skill has gotten blurred and it is my desire to clarify the difference so my students can go on with their art education without feeling bullied, embarrassed or belittled. And whenever they need a pick-me-up, I hope to offer a safe place for expression.

    Jes Gordon An Abstract Expressionist at Heart Image Courtesy of the Artist

    6. And your Color Mixology?

    My color mixology students are introduced to color in a very practical way. We approach color from the perspective of scientists looking for new color discoveries. The mixology is just that… MIXING! We make a TON of colors and experiment with colors that we buy regularly to colors that seem brand new to us. The idea is that we use the color wheel as a theoretical tool to place over the materials that we are using in order to understand the complexity of how colors respond to one another.

    Jes Gordon Color Mixology Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Follow Jes at her blog Buckets of Color

    Written by Jacob Gunter

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email

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