• Book Launch for "Spark Your Design Creativity" December 17th!

    December 17th at Noon- Only At Ponce City Market Location!

    Binders_Poster Spark Your Design Creativity

  • Design Your Own Ornament at Ponce City Market!

    December 22nd at 12:00 Noon! Ponce City Market Binders is hosting a "Design Your Own Ornament Event" Stop by Thursday (22nd) or buy your kit and take it home with you!

    Posa Ornament Kit

  • Pumpkin Decorating At Binders!

    Every Saturday in October, Binders will host a "How To" Decorate Your Pumpkin- No Carve. Need a pumpkin? We will have some for you OR you can choose to bring your own. The Supplies are on us! This is fun for the whole family; We will have five different ways to decorate:

    • Paint Pens
    • Spray Paints/ Effect Sprays
    • Deco-Podge
    • Sharpie
    • Binders Acrylic Paint

    If you cannot make it on Saturdays, we will have a table out in our locations with a supply list to buy the supplies and take them home with you. The possibilities are endless! Come Have a fun and creative Saturday with us!

    Pumpkin Decorating poster

    Let us know if you're coming by commenting below! See You there Bunnies!

  • Art Supplies Fall Sale

    Binders Art Supplies Fall Sale has hopped in to help soften the blow that back to school is in fact upon us.

    Click on the Fall Sale Cover below and browse the great deals on Paint, Brushes, Drawing Tools, Markers, Canvas and Pads, Drafting Supplies, Studio Needs and as always our Frame Shop is open to help you showcase your work!

    Up To 70% Off Art Supplies Fall Sale

    art supplies fall sale
    Please click on any art supplies inside the Fall Sale flyer for more information. You will be directed to the product page on the Binders Art website.


  • Carbonaro Effect Visits BINDERS

    The Carbonaro Effect, featuring magician Michael Carbonaro, is truTV's  hidden camera hit comedic series. In each episode, Michael performs magic tricks on unsuspecting members of the public leaving the participants amazed.

    The Carbonaro Effect

    The Carbonaro Effect

    We were thrilled to have the show use our location in Buckhead for a few  episodes. The custom framing department and the checkout area are highlighted.

    Checkout these episodes filmed in our Buckhead location:

    Michael Carbonaro is an actor, magician, comedian, and improv artist. Michael is known for his unique acts of magic and outlandish stunts on late night television!

  • Where Have All the Pencils Gone?

    where have all the pencils gone

    Where Have All the Pencils Gone?

    I've been humming the Peter, Paul & Mary Song.. “where have all the flowers gone?” as I walk down our color pencil and marker aisles. If you have been in any department store, book store, gift shop, airport convenience store, gas station or art supply store, you have seen the hugest trend to hit the art supply world…ever, Coloring Books.

    This phenomenon is creating such a stir and reaches all levels of household incomes, education levels and all ages. From grade school children to oxygenations’, it seems everyone is coloring in something, so much so that even NBC’s The Today Show & ABC’s Good Morning America have done multiple feature stories on the trend.

    Many articles are published daily on the Zen benefits of this hobby, how it lets you unplug and get lost in the wide world of Coloring Books for Adults. As art supply industry experts, we chuckle like 5th grade boys when we see them advertised as “Adult Coloring Books”. Naughty images pop into our minds. We prefer the tasteful and more accurate Coloring Book for Adults.

    The news channels however are missing a huge part of the equation, this massive demand has created a worldwide supply shortage on all fine detail markers, colored pencils and watercolor pencils supplies.

    “There are only so many hours in the day, we are adding third shifts, we can’t get the tins to package the pencils in”, seems to be the repetitive answer to our calls asking our manufactures, “where have all the pencils gone?” Long Time passing….

    Every manufacturer from greeting cards, to gifts to traditional art supply vendors are trying to collect on the phenomenal coloring book craze, which forecast trend experts are estimating at least a good two years of healthy growth in this category.

    So where does this leave BINDERS, well we are scouring every source for the pencils our customers need in order to color in the and out of the lines. We are patiently waiting and hoping our long term relationships with the pencil and marker makers, makes BINDERS first on the list when shipments arrive to their warehouses.

    Kind Regards,
    Stacey Smith
    Senior Buyer
    BINDERS ART Supplies and Frames


  • MADE in the USA Art Supplies

    Celebrating MADE in the USA Art Supplies is a no-brainer for BINDERS!

    America has a long tradition of self made makers and the art industry is no different. From the Strathmore Paper Company that got it's start in 1892 to KRINK markers that have been hand making creative tools for the next generation since 1998. American made art supplies are filling artist's studios and spaces the world over.

    We celebrated our 60th birthday back in October. Along with the parties, there was a lot of reminiscing and sharing of stories. Did you know our very first art supply product was a paint that would later be known as Liquitex? Permanent Pigments began in 1933 in Ohio milling artist oil paint and would later develop the first commercially available water based acrylic paint.

    So much history lives in the works we create.

    Here are just a few of the American Made art supply brands we carry. Please note that Fredrix is manufactured right here in BINDERS Art Supplies and Frame's home state of Georgia!

    Art Supplies MADE in the USA

    Fredrix Made in the USA golden artist color Made in the USA Jacquard Made in the USA Liquitex Made in the USA Speedball Made in the USA

  • New! Poppin. Work Happy.

    Now Offered at Our Ponce City Market Location!


    POPPIN. Work Happy.

    Poppin believes you should be able to surround yourself with objects of beauty everywhere you go and in everything that you do. Work is no longer an isolated activity that happens in an office from 9-5. You might be in a cubicle, a classroom, at home, on a plane or in a coffee shop. Poppin was created to fill the design gap between the products we use for work and those available in the rest of our lives. We think it’s about time someone joined the game who truly believes things can be different from top to bottom. Work Happy.

     school-pic-2    th1

    Click below to see all of the Poppin products:


  • Cartoon Drawing with Ultra Cool Art Materials

    Let your Mind Go Wild with these Ultra-cool Materials!

    By: Eric N. Peterson, Cartoonist and Binders Art Supplies and Frames Associate

    Art Materials

    Pentel Japanese Brush Pen:
    I find this more exciting than a traditional inking brush, disposable India inking pen containing archival ink is perfect for any use. Works exceptionally well with any watercolor washes, Acrylic paints, colored pencils, and additional dry/wet mediums. I love this, it's my favorite for inking.

    Pentel Japanese Brush Pen

    Stillman and Birn Paper:
    Extra Heavy material, Ivory tone. The perfect paper for all materials. I've loved this paper for years, and it's so user friendly for inks, pencils, water colors, acrylics, and cut color paper collage. Heavy duty, it holds up strong and can handle wet mediums like no other... no need for primers!...you'll love it!!


    Jacquard Neopaque Fabric Paints:
    I know, you're thinking "fabric paint?" This amazing product works just like any other soft-bodied acrylic paint on canvas, wood, paper etc...
    Brilliant colors, you can use straight from the jar, or you can cut it with water, and use transparently just like any watercolor product.
    A self-leveling material, this paint dries without showing brush-strokes, and gives a perfectly flat, printed look when dry.
    Neopaques blend well together, and it's quick-dry like all familiar acrylics.

    Jacquard Neopaque Fabric Paints

    Princeton Snap Watercolor Brushes:
    Superior-working brushes at an amazing price. These are my favorite brushes for sure, I use them both for watercolors, and acrylics.
    These are nice, soft brushes that seem like sables--the flowable quality and the ability to hold paint make them the perfect brush for any project.
    I highly recommend these for anyone who appreciates a fine working brush... you'll want no other!


    For my preliminary sketching of an illustration, I've always liked to use just a regular #2 school pencil (soft lead) and a kneaded eraser. These allow good, clean sketching, and will erase perfectly. Without digging up the paper surface, they are ideal when it's time for the inking.

    Cartoon Drawing with Ultra Cool Art Materials

    Working with good, fun materials make all the difference for any creative project to just roll out of your imagination... have fun... create something!!

    By: Eric N. Peterson, Cartoonist and Binders Art Supplies and Frames Associate

  • New Evolon Paper

    Lainey Jeansonne, artist and BINDERS framer shares her experience with the new Evolon Surface.
    I was really excited to try the new Evolon surface; I love water colors and watercolor paper but am exceptionally lazy at stretching it properly.  Evolon maintains its shape even as it dries, so no surface warping.
    After my first few strokes on the thinner 58gsm sheet I quickly discovered that Evolon requires a completely different approach than I was used to taking with regular watercolor paper.  The benefit and the struggle I faced with this material was that its very absorbent nature required me to change my method of painting.
    Evolon Paper A
    I'm used to having some time to play with water on dry paper before the surface tension of the water becomes slowly absorbed into the paper’s fibers.  This kind of manipulation of the water on the surface is not possible with Evolon, because it absorbs all the fluid as soon as it hits the surface.
    Evolon Paper C
    However, it is possible to push already absorbed pigment from one area to another by dropping clear water next to it.
    Evolon Paper D
    I love the way color is absorbed and spread through the fibers making very soft transitions, it reminds me of rice paper in this way. I also really love the more cloth like texture of Evolon, it’s a durable material that is very easy to stretch like a canvas.
    After a few test runs I was able to do a quick composition on the thicker 168gsm sheet.
    Evolon Paper F
    I found that I much preferred the thicker sheet; it seemed that colors showed up brighter while some of the lighter colors I used disappeared on the 58gsm sheet. I think it will make and excellent addition to my studio supplies, not as a replacement for watercolor paper but as an additional material to experiment with.
    I also see it being wonderful for travel and urban sketching since it bends with out keeping permanent curls or creases. It’s an ideal surface to pack on the go and the dry time is also very quick as well.
    - Lainey
    See more of Lainey's art on her website.

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