• Leisa Rich :: Unusual Materials Applications

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    We’re thrilled to have you on board with BINDERS Art School. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I have been an artist for 39 years. I discovered a passion for the visual arts while attending Interlochen Arts Academy, a private boarding school for the fine arts in Michigan, 10th through 12th grades. I received a piano scholarship and dance was my minor. Illness meant I couldn't dance for a while and I ended up in a weaving class in 10th grade. My passion for the fiber arts in particular, began then; I quit piano and dance and devoted myself to learning every area of visual arts available to me.

    Conceptually, I am affected by pressing concerns of today: the social, philosophical, environmental and biological issues humans face. I feel deeply connected to the universe and when isolation, exclusion, damage, shifts and disasters befall individuals and the world at large, it impacts me deeply. I then reject what is, in favor of creating my own “what could be.”

    I use several processes and teach many techniques in many visual art areas, but most often employ Free Motion machine embroidery, a technique using thread and a sewing machine to either “draw” in a representational manner, or build up texture and surface with repetition to create depth, and recently, incorporate 3D printing into my works. I am a perpetual experimenter, applying new manipulations to common materials to tease out something unexpected. I use fabric most often, but also incorporate plastics, resin, mixed media and more. Nothing is sacred from my hands.


     “I feel deeply connected to the universe and when isolation, exclusion, damage, shifts and disasters befall individuals and the world at large, it impacts me deeply.”


    I have an MFA, BFA and B of Education in Art. I have varied experience in painting, drawing, bookmaking, sewing, fibers, photography, mixed media, alternative processes, unusual materials applications, fashion design, wearable art, and much more. I have ran art schools, taught at universities, been a designer for a large fashion company, done theatre design, owned a jewelry/wearable art/hat design business and more. I exhibit internationally, nationally and locally, and teach at my studio in Buckhead and travel to teach at art centers.

    I am happily married for 28 years to my soul mate and have two grown daughters and a 4 year old grandson!

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Tell us a little about your studio/ work space. How does it contribute to your work?

    I work at home in a space that only recently opened up for me when I became an empty nester! I am fully equipped with art supplies, sewing machines, a 3D printer and birds outside the French doors to outside that frequent our Sky Cafe regularly. I share my studio space with 3 cats when they behave! I find my space too small — I also use the garage — and yearn for a massive loft or industrial space, assistants and the ability to realize commissions and larger works.


     "I am serious, hardworking, and a social media queen! If I could work 24/7, I would!”


    How would you describe your practice?

    Intense, obsessive, purposeful. I LOVE to create and I LOVE to pass that interest and passion on to my students and see them creatively grow. I am serious, hardworking, and a social media queen! If I could work 24/7, I would!


    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What do you hope students will take away from your courses at Binders?

    TONS of skills learned, an enthusiasm for creating, and a voice of personal creativity that is theirs- not mine, and what they need to leave the class or workshop and keep creating!

    What are you working on currently? 

    A HUGE 3D printed plus fiber/stitched wall installation for an exhibition of 4 artists I am honored to have been chosen to be included in at Baylor University gallery that will be in 2016; finishing up a wild wearable piece that is going on set to be photographed professionally; 3D printing experimentation, and more works in progress. I am also curating an exhibition on invisible disabilities that will be held at Mason Fine Art in April and that features 12 artists from the US Canada and South Africa who face daily challenges with disabilities you can’t see (including myself) I am also self-publishing a children’s book I have been working on for 4 years, designing clothing that features my artwork that is being sold on Print All Over Me on-line, exhibiting in several other upcoming exhibitions and more!



    Artistic Genealogy: Charting Your Creative Journey with Leisa Rich 

    2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $120 | Max. 16

    ARTZ1526 | Saturday & Sunday, February 21 & 22, Sat. 10:30am – 4:30pm, Sun. 11:30am – 5:30pm



    Artistic Genealogy: Charting Your Creative Journey with Leisa Rich 

    2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $120 | Max. 16

    ARTZ1553 | Saturday & Sunday, May 23 & 24, Sat. 10:30am – 4:30pm, Sun. 11:30am – 5:30pm

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist



    Judge a Book by its Cover! An Artist Bookmaking Experience with Leisa Rich 

    2 Sessions | Beginner to Intermediate | Price: $120 | Max. 16

    ARTZ1556 | Saturday & Sunday, March 14 & 15, Sat. 10am – 5pm, Sun. 11am – 5pm


    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email jacob@bindersart.com.


  • Visual Storytelling :: Talking Comics with Jacob Hunt


    Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    Like most artists, I claim to have been drawing since I could hold a crayon. But on top of that, my art has almost always been motivated by storytelling, characters, and world-building. Formative encounters with Roald Dahl and The Neverending Story established my sense of humor and love of other worldliness, while the discovery of Calvin and Hobbes and the X-Men introduced me to an ideal medium for self-expression. For me, writing and drawing are inextricably interwoven, so I knew that I wanted to be both an artist and an author. After art school at the University of Georgia, I spent a few years creating My Doomed Affair—a semi-autobiographical humor strip about an ex-girlfriend, published biweekly in Flagpole Magazine—until I decided to seriously study comics at SCAD-Atlanta where I received my MFA in sequential art. Now I’m developing a graphic novel that I hope encompasses all the oddity, depth, and joy that I find in my favorite literature, comics, and film.


    “For me, writing and drawing are inextricably interwoven…”


     Tell us a little about your work space. How does it contribute to your work?

    I work from a home studio equipped with a Cintiq interactive pen display, which allows me to draw and paint digitally onscreen in programs like Manga Studio and Photoshop. Additionally, I have a drafting table with an adjustable angled surface for when I work on paper, which, sadly, I don’t do often enough.

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    How would you describe your practice?

    My practices are very poor! When I’m in the groove and not too overwhelmed, which is rare, I work on several projects within a day, setting a timer for thirty minutes or an hour, depending on the activity, and I take short breaks between each activity. To warm up, I’ll spend a half hour doing quick gesture drawings from an online pose slideshow. Then I’ll draw, sketch, or write for a few hours towards all my ongoing projects, personal and otherwise. If I have a freelance gig with a deadline, I’ll usually focus solely on that, which tends to throw off my “regular” routine for months at a time because I’m generally not so great at regaining focus.

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What projects are you working on currently? 

    Currently I’m designing characters for an Atlanta author who has a fan fiction website and wants visuals of her characters to inspire her fans. I’m always trying to find time to finish the script for my graphic novel, Rumspringer, but having little success setting aside time. Also, my band, Tracer Metula, is about to finish recording sessions for our album, and I’ll be working on album art and other promotional art for that soon.

    What do you hope students will take away from your courses at Binders?

    I hope that they come away recognizing the fantastic potential that comics have as a medium for self-expression and storytelling, as well as the incredible work and thought that it takes in order to effectively communicate a story using the “language” of cartooning.

    Learn more about Jacob here.

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Comics as Visual Storytelling with Jacob Hunt

    2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $90 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1507 | Saturday & Sunday, March 28 & 29, Sat. 10:30am – 4:30pm, Sun. 11:30am – 5:30pm


    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Creating Comics with Jacob Hunt

    6 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $130 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1541 | Thursdays, January 8 – February 12, 6:30 – 8:30pm



    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email artschool@bindersart.com.











  • Creative Playground :: A BINDERS Community Group

    At BINDERS, a Community Group is a great way to pursue your creative work and make new friends. Some groups focus on specific activities or projects while others simply offer the freedom to work on individual projects, often with guided instruction. Groups are ongoing so feel free to jump in at any time!


    Creative Playground

    We all need to exercise our creative connections. This group is devoted to inspiring one another in a safe community with unabashed creativity! We will experiment together and play with materials in all new ways, challenging ourselves to color outside the lines and break rules. There will be a little instruction that focuses on inspiration, but the rest of the time is dedicated to your personal creative exploration. This is YOUR creative playground! Come at 6pm to connect with others and warm up your creative spirit.

    *First time attendees will receive a free mixed media arts journal!

    Image Courtesy of the Artist Image Courtesy of the Artist

    About Jes

    Creative Playground is facilitated by local artist Jessica Gordon. Jes has been a professional artist and color consultant for over 15 years; having graduated from the Atlanta College of Art with a degree in painting in 1997. Her obsession with color was born in a figure painting class where each color had to be mixed on the pallet, scooped up with the pallet knife, walked over to the model to match that particular skin tone & shadow, before the paint was allowed to touch the brush or the canvas. It was then, that Jessica was sucked in to the world of paint colors. Color mixing has given her a unique understanding of the make-up of color and how to achieve certain nuances.

    After college, Jessica furthered her color and paint education by working in retail paint stores, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of the paint industry from the manufacturers themselves. Painting murals, creating decorative finishes, working in paint stores and continuing to create fine art have all provided Jessica with essential professional experience. Desperate for more information, Jessica was searching for a graduate program in color consulting or color theory; although one does not exist, she was delighted to find the IACC-NA (International Association of Color Consultants/Designers – North America) in 2004.

    In 2007, she founded Buckets of Color, launching out on her own and solely creating her income from Color Consulting. She considers this work both fulfilling and joyful. After consulting with her 1,000th client; Jessica left the Annapolis MD area and moved back to Atlanta, GA.



    At the BUCKHEAD store

    Creative Playground with Jes Gordon

    1 Session | All Levels | Price: $15 | Max. 24

    ARTZ1500 | Monday, January 12, 6 – 8pm

    ARTZ1501 | Monday, March 9, 6 – 8pm

    ARTZ1502 | Monday, May 11, 6 – 8pm


    At the PONCE CITY MARKET store

    Creative Playground with Jes Gordon

    1 Session | All Levels | Price: $15 | Max. 16

    ARTZ1533 | Monday, February 23, 6 – 8pm

    ARTZ1534 | Monday, April 27, 6 – 8pm


    For questions or more information please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email artschool@bindersart.com.

  • Retail Sponsor of Art Materials Expo

    Art materials expoHave you saved the date for Atlanta's Inaugural Art Materials Expo?

    This coming February leading art supply vendors, art community visionaries, art advocates, teachers, students, artists, and crafters will gather at the Gwinnett Center in the largest Art Materials Expo in the South East!

    Friday February 20th through Sunday February 22nd of 2015, Art Materials Expo (AME) will offering a gala of buying and learning opportunities!

    If you're familiar with our instore Artfolio events than you can think of AME as Artfolio on overdrive.

    More vendors, more workshops, more deals!

    What can you expect at AME?

    • Free admission to the expo floor
    • 3 days of workshops from local and internationally known artists
    • Over 80 booths of art supplies, community art organizations and art schools
    • Product demos on new art materials and techniques
    • Presentations from local community art organizations
    • Portfolio reviews

    To stay up to date on the all the news please sign up for the AME newsletter and like the AME Facebook page.

    For more information visit www.artmaterialsexpo.com or browse our online catalog.

    See you there!



  • Visiting with EK Huckaby

    EK Huckaby: Anhydjinnic Molassicism

    MOCAga Working Artist Project winner, EK Huckaby is currently showcasing his fantastic collection, Anhydjinnic Molassicism at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

    EK Huckaby EK Huckaby: Anhydjinnic Molassicism Opening Night at MOCAga

    Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
    75 Bennett St. NW Suite A2, Atlanta
    Tuesdays - Saturday 10am - 5pm
    Anhydjinnic Molassicism runs through November 29th

    Visiting With EK Huckaby

    A Georgia native with deep family roots, EK welcomed us into his home and studio during a recent ARTmerge.

    When you first walk into his home you are greeted by two deliciously long and high and fully stocked book shelves. The top shelf purposefully holds items just out of reach and seem to provide a bit of an analogy for EK's work. His layers hold your attention because you know there is something, you can feel there is something, just beyond the reach of your eye.

    Victorian and Renaissance themes are present everywhere you look, even down to the hand made varnishes whose amber colors fill the mason jars that line the studio shelves.

    EK Huckaby hand made varnishes EK Huckaby, an artist and an alchemist discusses his hand made varnishes

    In every nook and cranny inspiration captures your eye, and adds another layer of story to Huckaby's work. A quick look through the bookshelves brings us to a collection of anatomy manuals he inherited from his great-grandfather.

    EK Huckaby EK Huckaby shares an anatomy text book belonging to his great-grandfather.

    History and story are found everywhere and Anhydjinnic Molassicism has merged them in a beautiful and haunting way.


    To learn more about Anhydjinnic Molassicism from EK Huckaby, join us at MOCAga on Tuesday, October 14th for and Artist Talk.
    6:30pm Reception
    7pm Talk Begins
    Admission: Free


    EK Huckaby Bio

    E.K. Huckaby (b. 1957 in Thomaston, Georgia) lives and works in Brooks, Georgia.

    He attended the Atlanta College of Art, graduating with a BFA in 1991.

    Huckaby has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants including the Jasper Dorsey Award at the Atlanta College of Art and an Individual Artists Grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts. His work has been featured in many group and solo exhibitions, including shows at the High Museum of Art, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and MOCA GA.

    Huckaby is admired for his unusual techniques and use of media. His work is collected nationwide.

  • BINDERS at Ponce City Market

    BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames is beyond excited to open our third store at Ponce City Market. Over a year in the making and we're almost ready to open our doors.

    PCM Coming Store 8x11Construction started back in April with attention to the historic and eclectic vibe of the area.

    • Did you know that this area was a famous stop for health enthusiasts in the 1860's? They liked to bathe in the natural springs.
    • Or how about the Victorian amusement park that followed.
    • And the Sears Robuck building that was built in the 1920s reaches deep into Atlanta families. It is hard to have a conversation about PCM without hearing stories about a family member having worked there.

    It is an amazing space - the energy is intoxicating.

    And we have taken every opportunity to visit during the progress...

    Howard with Rick Breman From Howard with Rick Breman - Crescent
    Howard with Jim Gallager from Chartpak Howard with Jim Gallager from Chartpak
    PCM Store Manager, Irene Dodge with Alex Bailey from Golden
    Howard with Frank Stapleton and Kerry smith of MacPhersons Howard with Frank Stapleton and Kerry smith of MacPhersons
    Howard with Steve Chamberlain and Doug Johnston of Colart

    We love the attention to "green" too.

    When you walk into BINDERS PCM you'll be walking on reclaimed hardwood floors from the old Sears building. We've also kept as much of the original brick as possible. We can not wait to share this space with you!

    Ponce City Market

    area map

    Ponce City Market is on a mission to build community connections and we saw right away how this aligns with our company values.  From the Old Fourth Ward to Virginia Highlands, Midtown, Inman Park, Poncey-HIghland, Morningside, Candler Park and Druid Hills we are thrilled to be part of a neighborhood that has revitalized an important historic property.

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation recognizes Ponce City Market as “History in the making,” and recognizes the project as part of a plan “to move Atlanta forward while maintaining and emphasizing the city’s unique history and culture.

    Check out this incredible fly through of the PCM Vision!

  • Colarts Try It Table

    Colart Try It TableColarts Try It Table was designed to provide a hands on experience.

    Artists and creative people are hungry for knowledge. To meet their needs, Colart brands support art materials education and communication programmes, many of which involve direct contact with artists and generate the valuable feedback needed in order to refine products and services.

    Only five have been made in the country & Binders, Atlanta has one of them.

    This amazing interactive table won best innovation at the art supply industries annual trade association convention last year, NAMTA. And was awarded to Binders because of their Huge support of all of their brands

    The family of brands from Colart includes, Liquitex, Winsor & Newton, Conte, Derwent, Snazaroo & Letterset Markers.

    This revolutionary and innovative interactive table features an area for testing products, an iPad loaded with instructional videos taught by Industry professionals.  Every few months, a different product will be featured on the try it station, Come check out the new way to test products.

  • Visiting with MOCAga 2014 Fellow Scott Ingram

    Enjoyed a great afternoon with Atlanta based artist Scott Ingram as part of MOCAga's ArtMERGE.

    We met in Atlanta's Ormewood neighborhood to take in and discuss Scott's "Pierced House Project". Two years in the making - Scott and a 12 people crew pierced this modular home (scheduled for demolition) with a 47 foot wooden spike made of popular.

    Pierced House Project

    The entire piece was removed, including the pieces of the wall, to install somewhere else at a later date.

    The Pierced Project is an incredible piece that manipulates you, as you deal with the space around it. It's invasive and brings to mind thoughts of bridges cutting through the air.

    Photo(2) Daniel Sanzone & Scott Ingram

    Scott's assistant, Daniel Sanzone was on hand as well to discuss and share insights on the project. Daniel uses his artistic voice to blend the worlds of technology and biology.

    Scott Ingram Studio Tour

    As a 2014 recipient of MOCAga Working Artist Program Scott is putting together his pieces for his MOCA GA Blue Collar Modernism show scheduled for July 12th through September 13th.

    Opening reception: Friday, July 11th / 6:30-8:30pm


    Scott Ingram

     Scott Ingram Bio

    (b. 1968 in Drumright, Oklahoma) makes work that comments on art and architecture in human environments. Based in an American aesthetic, his range of artworks includes paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography as well as functional objects. Growing up in the Midwest, he was heavily influenced by the great modern architects of Chicago. Working for the Des Moines Art Center, Ingram developed an in-depth understanding of contemporary art within the context of architecture. Ingram has been exhibiting for more than 18 years and has been included in exhibitions around the United States as well as Spain and Canada. Most recently he exhibited at Solomon Projects, and Emily Amy Gallery in Atlanta and Anna Kustera Gallery in New York, as well as Florida Atlantic University and Auburn University. His work is collected by numerous private and corporate collections, as well as the High Museum of Art. In December, Ingram debuted a new installation of cinder blocks floating in a swimming pool for the NADA art fair during Miami Basel. Ingram lives, works and produces his work in Atlanta, GA.

  • Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Introducing Holbein's Re-Engineered Heavy Body Artist Acrylic

    Holbein's re-engineered Heavy Body Artist Acrylic is available at BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames (please check with your local store for availability). These high quality acrylics deliver more color vigor and higher light-fast ratings at a great price and have been specifically designed to add more luster and brilliance to your paintings!

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist AcrylicAvailable in 60ml (2.0 fl. oz.) tubes, the artist acrylic will retain any peaks or ridges with thick applications - can be easily thinned with mediums or water - or can be used in a thin, dry coat.

    Superior, smooth and vivid in every way Holbein's Heavy Body Acrylic is available in 113 colors, all designed utilizing the best traditional organic pigments and the latest and most up to date inorganic pigments. Whether painting small or large, opaque or transparent, Holbein's Heavy Body Artist Acrylics are certain to meet and surpass the demands of the modern artist.

    Holbein Heavy Body Artist Acrylic Color Chart

  • BINDERS Emerging Artists Tent at The Old Fourth Ward Park Art Festival

    Calling All Emerging Artists!

    We are so excited to have partnered with The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and The Old Fourth Ward Park Art Festival to bring you...


    This is an amazing opportunity for artists that have NEVER participated in a JURIED Art Festival!

    CLICK HERE for the application.

    Emerging Artists in Atlanta

    The Old Fourth Ward Arts Festival will showcase a wide variety of artistic disciplines including painting, metalwork, fiber art, ceramics, jewelry, woodcraft and more. As well as fine arts and crafts the festival will showcase a children's play area, local food & drink and live acoustic entertainment in the amphitheater.

    The two day festival is a major celebration of the ARTS while honoring the rich history of the Old Fourth Ward. Please CLICK for more information about all the goodness happening down here!

    Old Fourth Ward Art Festival

    The Fourth Ward Park backs up to the redevelopment of Ponce City Market - which will house the new BINDERS store opening late this summer. 

    We are so excited to be part of this historic neighborhood.

    Binders at Ponce City Market

    AFFPS_LogoThe Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces was founded by artists, for artists; by the community, for the community.

    The AFFPS is creating environments for artists to showcase to a growing public in large art and community focused events.



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