• Pop Up Art School: Tags, Portraits & More w/ Krink Markers!

    BINDERS “Pop Up” Art School

    presented by Octane Coffee, Krink Markers,

    & BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames

     Saturday, February 1st, 10am – 12pm

    pop up art schoolJoin us at Octane Coffee Westside, Saturday, February 1st, 10am -12pm, with local artist, Wade Harrison, who will demonstrate and guide coffee drinkers in an interactive demo with the versatility of Krink Markers.

    Enter to win a $50 gift card + FREE! goodies & giveaways!

    About Wade

    Wade Harrison was encouraged to express himself through art from the very beginning. Growing up in the late 60’s and 1970’s, Wade became heavily influenced by the tide of the Black Power movement.

    Taking self-awareness cues from his mother and coupling that with the creative talent of his photographer father, Wade gravitated toward revolutionary musical expressions. He consequently became influential in the emerging Toledo graffiti art revolution under the tag “Swade”.

    Pop up art school Image Courtesy of the Artist

    “I am not a lyricist or a musician or a singer... I am an artist in love with these instances of self expression and choose to dialog through my paintings with others who share this love.”

    Wade continued his art education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Following a brief stint with an ad agency in graphic design, Wade concentrated more on his work as a fine artist. His style has since evolved into an exploratory freedom reflective of the music that captivates him.

    For more information please visit our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/1400362706881816/

    Written by Jacob Gunter

    For questions or more information please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email jacob@bindersart.com.

  • Makeup Brush Cleaning Tutorial

    Makeup brushes.  We all use them…but are you cognizant of how you care for them?

    Makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and as we would be remiss not to include a how to in our “New Year, New You, New Makeup” segment.

    One of the most common questions we get is, “How often should I clean my brushes?” Thoroughly clean, once a week (meaning with brush soap and water), however, if you are using your brushes on clients and persons other than yourself, after EVERY use (use a sanitizing brush cleaner like BeautySoClean brush cleaner and wipe the contents out of your brushes with a paper towel.)

    Cleaning your brushes regularly will help maintain the bristle structure as well as increase the lifespan of your brushes.

    Makeup Brush Cleaning Regimen—Personal Use

    If you have just used your brushes to apply your own makeup and do not plan on using them again until you put your makeup on the next morning:

    MakeupBrushCleanerTruthfully, you don’t need to clean your brushes out thoroughly. However, if you are a germ-o-phobe, like me, I would suggest cleaning them after each use with a product like BeautySoClean Brush Sanitizer.

    Bacteria naturally occur on our skin, we all know this and I prefer that my brushes don’t have the same bacteria sitting on them tomorrow as they did today!

    To quick cleanse your brushes simply spray the bristles with the brush cleaner, an even mist is more than sufficient, do not saturate the bristle.  Take a clean paper towel or tissue and work the bristles back and forth drawing out the excess makeup product from the brush.  Leave the brush out to ‘dry’ and it will be sanitary and ready for you to use again the next day!

    Whether or not you choose to do a daily cleaning of your brushes a weekly cleaning is absolutely mandatory!  I know you all know what it feels like when you don’t; makeup build up in your brushes can cause them to get scratchy…no one likes to beat their face in the morning with a scratchy brush!

    There are a number of different ways to thoroughly clean your brushes.  The three most common are a hard brush soap, a liquid brush soap, or olive oil.  For most cleanings brush soap (hard or liquid) are perfectly fine, however, if your brushes are excessively soiled use olive oil.

    To clean your brushes:

    1.      Saturate the bristle of the brush with lukewarm water.
    2.      Work the brush soap into the bristles by swirling them in a clockwise motion.  If you are using hard brush soap swirl the brush directly on the soap, if you are using a liquid pour a dime-sized amount onto the palm of your hand.
    3.      Once the soap has been worked up the bristle shaft turn the faucet back on at lukewarm temperature.
    4.      Under the running water swirl the brush in a counter clockwise motion against the palm of your hand to draw out the product and soap from the bristles of the brush.
    5.      Repeat steps 2-4 until the water that is rinsed out of the brush is clear.
    6.      Clean the handles and ferrules (metal banding) of your brushes with soap and water.
    7.      Reshape the bristles of the brush back into their natural shape and leave them on an absorbent surface to air-dry.

    If your brushes are excessively soiled use olive oil to clean them.

    To clean brushes with olive oil:

    1.      Dispense a small amount of olive oil onto a clean paper towel.  Never put oil directly onto the brush head.  Doing this could oil soak the bristles of your brush.
    2.      Swirl the brush on the towel until all of the makeup residue is out of the bristles.
    3.      Clean with hard soap or liquid soap as usual.

    Makeup Brush Cleaning Regimen—Professional Use

    For sanitation reasons, you will want to quick cleanse your brushes after each and every client.  To quick cleanse your brushes simply spray the bristles with the brush cleaner, an even mist is more than sufficient, do not saturate the bristle.

    Take a clean paper towel or tissue and work the bristles back and forth drawing out the excess makeup product from the brush.

    Leave the brush out to ‘dry’ and it will be sanitary and ready for you to use again!

    Nightly, you will need to thoroughly clean your brushes.  To clean your brushes follow the easy steps outlined above!

    Article written by Carla Raleigh, Performance Makeup Specialize with Binders Art Supplies and Frames

  • Makeup Expiration Tips

    The Dirty on Makeup Expiration

    Is your makeup separating?

    Does it have a funny smell?

    Has the color quality changed?

    Does it look dry or cakey in the container?

    Did you know that your makeup expires after a certain period of time?

    Cosmetic companies are not required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to label makeup products with an expiration date. Some makeup companies choose to place a symbol on their products that looks like an open jar.  This symbol contains a number and the letter “m” (month) or “Y” (Year) in the center, which tells you approximately how many months or years your makeup is good for once opened.  However, this number is only an approximation and it does not include the amount of time a product may have sat on the shelf.

    Keep yourself healthier in the New Year by following these simple guidelines when it comes to the length of time you keep your makeup products:

    Some of these time deadlines can be extended with the regular use of a cosmetic sanitizer, like BeautySoClean.

    For more information about BeautySoClean check out our product review here by clicking this link!

    Makeup Expiration Dates

    Article written by Carla Raleigh, Performance Makeup Specialize with Binders Art Supplies and Frames

  • Basic Guide to Makeup Sanitation

    What You Need to Know about Makeup Sanitation!

    Did you know?

    There are 4 main bacteria that are typically found in makeup.  These bacteria can begin to grow due to cross contamination, multi-person use, double dipping, etc.

    The 4 most common types of bacteria found are:

    Staphylococcus Epidermidis

    Staphylococcus epidermidis is a form of staph bacteria that has been found on lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners during laboratory testing. While this bacteria often is found naturally on human skin, for those with a compromised immune system--due to a severe illness, old age or a chronic illness--may develop an infection. Some strains of this bacteria are resistant to antibiotic treatment and can severely affect the intestines if left untreated.

    Staphylococcus Warneri

    Another member of the staphylococcus bacteria group, Staphylococcus warneri is found on the skin of humans and animals. While it may not cause adverse reactions in those with healthy immune systems, it can cause severe reactions and illness in those with compromised immune systems. In the most extreme cases, this bacteria is associated with endocarditis, which is damage to the heart valves.

    Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a common bacteria found in soil, water and on the skin and has been associated with inflammation, rash and in severe cases, sepsis--a serious infection that can cause organ failure. Pseudomonas aeruginosa that live on a mascara wand that can nick the eye or penetrate into the soft tissues or membranes of the eye.

    Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

    One of the most serious forms of bacteria, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), can lurk on old makeup and cause an infection, such as dermatitis or pink eye, which can resist antibiotic treatment. This bacteria is considered very dangerous because the infection can be easily spread. When applying makeup, MRSA present in the makeup can enter a pimple, open cut or the mucous membranes of the eye and nose. Initial signs of infection including redness, inflammation and heat over the infected area. If you suspect you may be infected with MRSA, seek immediate treatment.

    beauty so clean

    Follow the guidelines below on how to help makeup sanitation for each makeup type:

    To sanitize creme makeups, like foundations, eyeshadows, concleaors, and adjustors, scoop the product out of jar with a spatula and place it onto a stainless steel palette.

    For liquid makeups pour the product into a welled stainless steel palette.

    When using powder makeups, pour the powder out for each use; when using a pressed powder, like a rouge or an eyeshadow, you can apply the makeup directly to the skin, however, make sure when doing this you are using Q-tips or you are sanitizing your brushes after each use, to sanitize the product, clean the top layer off with a tissue in between each use, once finished use a makeup sanitizer to thoroughly clean the product.

    When applying mascara, make sure to use a disposable and don’t double dip a wand into the product!

    For lipstick, scoop the color off of the stick with a spatula; place it onto your stainless steel palette or you can use a cosmetic sanitizer wipe, like BeautySoClean.

    For pencils like eyeliner, lip pencils, and eyebrow pencils; dip the pencil in alcohol or wipe it with a cosmetic sanitizer wipe, sharpen the pencil, and re-dip the pencil.

    Article written by Carla Raleigh, Performance Makeup Specialize with Binders Art Supplies and Frames

  • Breaking Down Creative Barriers with Zentangle ®!

    Breaking Down Creative Barriers with Zentangle®!

    Certified Zentangle instructor, Jeannie Mahood, talks a bit about this unique method enjoyed all over the world.

    How would you describe Zentangle?

    The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. Almost anyone can use it to create beautiful images. It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being. The Zentangle Method is enjoyed all over the world, across a wide range of skills, interests and ages. It was created by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts to break down the barriers that people have to being creative, relaxed and focused. Just a few, but excellent, materials and a one-step-at-a-time process are all that's needed!

    zentangle Image courtesy of the Artist

    How did you get involved with and certified to teach Zentangle?

    I got to take a Zentangle workshop with Rick and Maria in 2009. Later that year Joan Payton and I traveled to Rick and Maria's hometown of Whitinsville, MA for the teacher seminar - where we became CZT's (Certified Zentangle Teachers)! We started teaching together about a month later and have taught about 500 students from Baja, Mexico to Nova Scotia, Canada since then!

    zentangle Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    Do have a background in art?

    Yes - although artistic experience is NOT necessary for Zentangle! Joan is always creating something. For years she designed, made and sold jewelry. Now, when she's not doing Zentangle, she designs and makes primitive style hooked rugs.

    I have a BFA in Studio Art, and an MA in art therapy. I used art therapy with children and families for several years, and then worked in graphic design. I've loved drawing and painting since I was a kid, and have added photography and Zentangle to my list of favorite things to do.

    Zentagle Letters Image Courtesy of the Artist

    How did you get involved with teaching at BINDERS Art School?

    I really enjoyed taking Anne Elser's Calligraphy classes at Binders and eventually I got to thinking that it would be a fun place to offer Zentangle.

    We worked with the Education Director and made it happen! Joan and I have really enjoyed the students at Binders (not to mention the fun materials that are right outside the classroom door!).

    Zentangle All Things Are Possible Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What can folks expect from a Zentangle class?

    Joan and I design most of our classes so that a beginner can come and feel comfortable from the start. We ground the students in the basic process of Zentangle first. The process of Zentangle is SO important - it's what makes Zentangle unique and so accessible. But learning the process online or from a book is just not the same as learning in a class from a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

    We always teach some extra tangles (patterns), and then we usually go into the world of "Zentangle Inspired Art" and create something larger, or use color, or work on dark paper, or...  Joan and I have so much fun thinking up new things to teach! Our classes tend to be jam packed because we really want students to get their money's worth. We like to be a little bit silly, too!

    “Joan and I design most of our classes so that a beginner can come and feel comfortable from the start. We ground the students in the basic process of Zentangle first.”

    Zentangle Dancing Rooster Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Zentangle® Zoo! with Jean Mahood and Joan Payton

    1 Session | All Levels | Price: $75 | Max. 24

    ARTZ1516 | Saturday, February 14, 10am – 1pm 

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email jacob@bindersart.com.

    Written by Jacob Gunter

  • Art Clinics with Arts Attorney Deborah Gonzalez

    Personal Art Clinics at BINDERS Art School with Arts Attorney Deborah Gonzalez, Esq.

    Arts Attorney, Deborah Gonzalaz, Esq. has been offering her popular Art & Law lectures for at Binders for over three years – and the response has been exciting! And her Art & Social Media lecture is one of the most well attended lectures in recent memory!

    Deborah has something special she would like to introduce in 2014: an opportunity for artists to sit down with an Arts Attorney and get their specific questions answered. Deborah briefly shared her story with us:

    Tell us a little about how you started giving lectures at BINDERS Art School.

    I have been doing copyright art clinics for artists at Binders for over three years now. It started as a way for me to get to know the visual arts community when I first relocated to Atlanta from New York, and get to know you I did.

    Sometimes the room was overflowing and sometimes we had a more intimate setting, but each time we shared the law, art, stories, concerns, and best practices. It has been an honor to be welcomed by so many of you and the journey has converted many of us into friends.

    Art Clinics

    Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    In 2014 you will begin offering practical legal advice for artists in addition to the general lectures.

    The copyright sessions allowed artists to get-to-know an arts attorney, many for the first time, and to have a resource to have some general questions answered. For some, it clarified the issues, for others, it made them reflect on what they were doing and how they were doing it from a legal perspective. However, I realized that so many artists had specific questions relating to their own work and the general answers given in the sessions were not enough. To that end Binders and I are collaborating on a series of Law & Art Clinics – low cost, 20-25 minute one-on-one sessions where artists will have the opportunity to discuss their particular legal concerns with me.

    During that time we can go over legal rights, including copyrights and how federal and state laws affect the creation, sale, exhibition, and protection of art. Due to the time limitations, contract review and/or questions regarding a specific contract will not be discussed.

    “I am continuously impressed and blown away by the artistic talent and artistic diversity here in Atlanta…”

    What has been one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had while working with artists since moving to Atlanta?

    Graduation of a group of amazing artists who took a leap of faith in their art and their work to complete a six month program with me and Daniel Flores called the League of Art Entrepreneurs. They worked hard and it was an incredible honor to watch them grow in confidence and skill in terms of making their passion a livelihood. I am continuously impressed and blown away by the artistic talent and artistic diversity here in Atlanta and every day I look forward to what new art I will experience and what new artists will share their stories with me. They make this a beautiful world.

    Art Clinics with Deborah Gonzalez Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet with a licensed Arts Attorney whose client base includes Atlanta and New York, and all genres of art – painting, sculpture, animation and graphics, mixed media, film and media, and more. Space is very limited; sign up for your session today!

    Deborah Gonzalez, Esq. is an attorney focusing on intellectual property in the art, music, and entertainment industries. She especially enjoys her visual art clients and their projects. Deborah speaks at various conferences and festivals to help educate artists about their rights. To learn more about her practice and for more resources for artists check out her website at www.dgonzalzesq.com. Information provided in this article is for general education purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

    Protecting Your Art, Copyrights with Deborah Gonzalez

    1 Session | All Levels | Price: $FREE| Monday, January 13, 6 – 8pm

    Personal Art Clinic with Deborah Gonzalez

    1 Session | All Levels | Price: $25

    ARTZ1435 | Monday, March 10, 6 – 6:20

    ARTZ1436 | Monday, March 10, 6:30 – 6:50

    ARTZ1437 | Monday, March 10, 7 – 7:20

    ARTZ1438 | Monday, March 10, 7:30 – 7:50

     Art, Social Media, and the Law with Deborah Gonzalez

    1 Session | All Levels & Media | $FREE

    ARTZ1434| Monday, May 12, 6 – 8pm

    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email jacob@bindersart.com.

    Written by Jacob Gunter

  • Binders Performance Makeup - Makeup Jam

    Looking to update your website?  Need photos for your portfolio?

    Makeup Jam January

    Come to the Makeup Jam at Binders Performance Makeup!!

    What you need to know:


    $75.00 for a 30 minute photo shoot and rights to all of your unedited photos. 

    $125.00 for a 30 minute photo shoot, rights to all of your unedited photos, and 5 edited shots by the photographer.

    To register fill out the Makeup Jam Registration Form.  There are only 24 slots available for January 26.  Slots are first come first served.  A waiting list will be compiled for any additional forms received.  Find the Makeup Jam Registration Form here:   Email your completed form to Carla@bindersart.com

    Your package choice and fee are due at the time of reservation and is non-refundable.  Buy your package at:

    Please fill out this form:  Makeup Jam Registration Form Jan 2014

    Makeup JamYou will be notified by email of your schedule for the day after your Makeup Jam Registration Form and fee had been received via email.

    You must BYOM, Bring Your Own Model!

    You will be asked to sign a photo release.  Any and all photos from the Makeup Jam may be used in advertising for Binders Performance Makeup or the photographer who shot your images.

    Veteran Makeup Artists will be on hand to mentor, to answer questions, and to help you perfect your look!

    For more information contact Carla Raleigh at Carla@bindersart.com.

    Makeup JamThe photographers that will be onsite for the Makeup Jam are:

    Images by Ken http://www.imagesbyk.com/

    Byron Arnold Photography http://www.byronarnold.com/

    My Miracle Moments Photography http://www.mymiraclemoments.com

  • New Year - New You - New Makeup: With Beauty So Clean

    In line with our “New Year, New You, New Makeup!” programming; we would be remiss if we did not talk about Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer.

    beauty so cleanBeauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer is a proven product that cleanses rejuvenates and removes bacteria from makeup without altering the formulation of the makeup.

    The chemists at Beauty So Clean have developed two different versions of the cosmetic sanitizer, a mist and a cosmetic wipe.  The mist is ideal to use on for powder-based products (i.e. press powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc.) and cream-based products (i.e. cream foundation, concealer, etc.). The Beauty So Clean cosmetic wipes are perfect to use to disinfect lipsticks, lip glosses, cosmetic pencils, mascara wands.

    What makes Beauty So Clean different from the traditional forms of makeup sanitation is that it won’t dry out, crack or alter the color of your product.  It has been dermatologist tested and has been proven to be non-irritating to the skin; and studies have shown it to be 100% effective in 10 seconds!!

    How to Use Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist

    beauty so clean mistBeauty So Clean’s website suggests when using the mist you hold the sprayer 6 inches from product surface and mist once.  

    Don't be overzealous and spray multiple times, this will only over-saturate the product that is being cleansed and will likely result in the makeup becoming sticky.  Once sprayed you may notice small droplets on the product’s surface.  However, within 10 seconds, as stated on the bottle, the droplets dry and disappear and the product is good as new.

    How to Use Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipe

    beauty so clean wipesWhen using the Cosmetic Sanitizer wipes, Beauty So Clean suggests that you use one wipe for each individual applicator or lipstick.  To use, wrap the wipe around the lip-gloss, lipstick, or mascara wand. Gently wipe the applicator or product from base to tip.

    beauty so cleanArticle written by Carla Raleigh, Performance Makeup Specialize with Binders Art Supplies and Frames

  • Marking the Anniversary of Ponce City Market

    On This Day in 1926

    January 4th, 1926 marks a day in Atlanta Retail History.

    On this day, developers broke ground to build the Sears Roebuck building at 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta Georgia.

    Ponce City Market Sears Roebuck Building. Atlanta, GA
    Image found in Public Domain

    Chief architect, George C. Nimmons designed the 2,100,000 square foot building for Sears Roebuck and Company. Sears used the building as a retail store, warehouse and regional office until 1979. At that time the retail store closed but the regional offices continued to operate out of the building until 1987.

    The city of Atlanta bought the building in May 1990 where it became "City Hall East". Housing the police department, an art gallery and for a few years the Southeastern Flower Show.

    The building was closed to the public in 2010. On July 11, 2011 it was purchased by Jamestown, a private-equity group, and is currently being redeveloped as Ponce City Market.

    Ponce City Market

    Ponce City Market is in the heart of historic Atlanta surrounded by the Ole Fourth Ward, Virginia Highland, Poncy Highland and Midtown.

    The mixed-use development will house restaurants, boutiques, offices, residential living, and national and local retail anchors. And that's where we come in!

    BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames is excited to be opening our second Atlanta location in this historic Atlanta landmark. We are currently planning the store's layout and will have much more to share as we getting closer to our grand opening slated for this August.

    Ponce City Market Underconstruction Howard & Stacey checking out Ponce City Market
  • Performance Makeup Events January 2014

    Performance Makeup Schedule of Events January 2014

    Events January 2014Jan 5—Makeup Artists of Atlanta Social  4-7p
    2040 Sugarloaf Circle, Duluth, Georgia, 30097, USA
    For more information: http://www.makeupartistsofatlanta.com/

    Jan 19—Binders Performance Makeup Open House  1-5p
    Come on in and see all that Binders Performance Makeup has to offer!  Enjoy raffles, watch guest demos and listen to guest speakers on the topics of “Social Media and your Business” and “How to do your taxes as an Artist”!  For a full schedule of events visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/559208460831312

    Jan 25—Atlanta Makeup Meetup  1-3pm
    Binders Performance Makeup
    Interested in makeup?  Are you a Makeup Professional? Makeup Blogger? Makeup Enthusiast?  Makeup Junkie?  Then this is the group for you!! This group is designed as a social and networking environment where participants will be exposed to and learn about the latest and greatest makeup tips and products!
    Get connected at http://www.meetup.com/Atlanta-Makeup-Meetup/

    Jan 26—Makeup Jam  11a-5p (Start times will be staggered.)
    Calling all Models, Photographers and Makeup Artists!  Need photos for your portfolio?  Looking to update your website?  Come to Binders Performance Makeup and create art!  For more information head to: https://www.facebook.com/events/617774561615132/

    Jan 27-30—SyntheOnline Airbrush Class

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