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Our new Performance Makeup department is sure to be the best in the Southeast. We offer the leading brands of Body Paint and Accessories. From Mehron to Wolfe FX you'll find all the products you'll need for live art. This blog is dedicated to breaking down the Do's, Don'ts and everything in between for Body Art.

  • Portfolio Building at the Makeup Jam

    In late January, I had the opportunity to participate in a Makeup Jam at Binders Art Supplies and Frames.

    What is a Makeup Jam?

    I’m so glad you asked! A Makeup Jam is an event where makeup artists (both novice and seasoned), models, and photographers come together to focus on the best thing on earth…..MAKEUP!

    While playing in makeup seems to be the most important factor of this event (excuse my bias as a makeup artist), the event’s overall purpose is so much more!

    If you are a budding makeup artists participating in the Makeup Jam you get the awesome opportunity to work next to, assist, and gain hands on learning from seasoned makeup artists who have worked in the business for several years. While that may seem intimidating initially, it provides the budding makeup artist with helpful tips and tricks to ensure that their makeup application will be as flawless as possible.

    Makeup Jam Portfolio Building Mia Powers, Professional Makeup Artist, adds a little color to an everyday beauty look.

    What is also unique to this event is it offers the makeup artist with a model and photographer to work with.  This offers the makeup artist an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field.  You also gain experience creating work and walk away with stunning photos that aid in helping you build your portfolio and professional website! How awesome is that?

    This particular Makeup Jam provided me with such a rewarding experience; namely learning from some of the premiere makeup artists in Atlanta. For those who are more familiar with her YouTube name, MakeupbyRenRen attended the event and created a whimsical and fun look for St Patrick’s Day complete with lucky green eyebrows and shamrocks galore.

    Synthe, from SyntheOnline , (an accomplished airbrush makeup artist) was in attendance also and created an explosive Valentine’s Day look highlighting her airbrush bodypainting techniques, rhinestones and red glitter for the holiday.

    makeup Jam Valentines Day Synthe air brushing a Valentines' Day look.

    The techniques of brush and sponge bodypainting were taught and used by Carla Raleigh  to create a Mardi Gras themed makeup look.  All hats and headpieces for the specialty shots at the event were created by Mad Crazy Hatter designs.

    RenRen at Binders Makeup Jam RenRen adds a final touch to her Saint Patrick's day look.

    Other phenomenal makeup artists were on site too, Shalawn Willis the Beauty Architect and myself, and Jashley Alvarez.

    On site throughout the day were Ken Turner from Images by K Photography, Byron Arnold of Byron Arnold Photography, with Tony Arnold of Arnold Photography.  These gentlemen captured behind the scenes shots as well as professional well cropped images for professional networking purposes.

    Makeup Jam Photographers Photographers on site to help you build your makeup portfolio

    In short, if you are ever able to attend a Makeup Jam at Binders Performance Makeup, RUN TO YOUR NEAREST COMPUTER TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! Such an experience could offer you an opportunity to develop your skills as an artist, expand your portfolio, and meet new people in the industry.

    Written by Mia Powers, Professional Makeup Artist

  • Neutralizing Color

    In art school we all learn about the color wheel.

    neutralizing colorWe learn that Red, Blue and Yellow are the primaries; Orange, Green and Purple are the secondaries and we learn about neutralizing color.

    Neutralizing color is the same across the board.  Across ALL of the mediums, including skin!

    If you are a beauty aficionado in any form you may be familiar with the concept of color correcting and neutralizing.  Much like what you learned in art school colors that are opposites on the color wheel neutralize each other: Red/Green, Yellow/Purple, Blue/Orange.

    What kind of imperfections are you seeing in your skin?

    Do you have a problem with Rosacea? Swollen red blemishes?  Correct those problems with a green concleaor.

    neutralizing colorAre you seeing bags underneath your eyes?  For years eye bags have been seen as a purple discoloration, to be corrected with yellow.  When I look at eye bags I tend to notice more blue than purple, so personally, I prefer to use a peach color to correct my eye bags.  For me this works great!  If you are having troubles color correcting those troubling eye bags try a little peach because remember yellow neutralizes purple and orange corrects blue.

    If yellow neutralized purple then of course the opposite holds true as well.

    If you are feeling a bit under the weather and your skin is looking sallow use a light purple/pink to perk your skin right up!

    Written by Carla Raleigh

  • Selena Evans Miller

    Meet Selena Evans Miller, professional makeup artist for TV and film

    Binders Performance Makeup is thrilled to be working with professional makeup artist, Selena Evans Miller. Selena has worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 25 years.

    The Makeup Lab Instructor Selena Image Courtesy of the Instructor

    Her makeup bookings have taken her to many places across the globe, which has allowed her to work in every medium from Feature Films, Television, Videos, Stage, Theater and Print.

    You have witnessed her makeup artistry, on many major film, TV, rock stars, supermodels and celebrity's, on such projects as:

    The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Edward Scissorhands, Lawless, Ace Ventura, 2Fast 2Furious, Miami Vice, Big Momma 3, Joyful Noise, Marvin's Room, Ray, Rosewood, Major Payne, Passenger 57, Problem Child 2, All My Children (Soap Opera), Celene Dion (A New Day Vegas Show) and many more...

    Being a Professional Makeup Artist, is just one of her many talents, Selena is also a licensed skin care expert, nail technician, certified eyelash extension technician, massage therapist and fashion stylist

    What is next for this celebrated artist, Selena reveals that she has a makeup book in the works, where she will share many tricks and tips of the makeup world, so you too can have, a career like hers among **THE STARS**....

    Miss Selena, tell us a little about yourself

    SEM: I was raised in a small town, outside of Pittsburgh Pa, but I never dreamed that I would grow up to be, working on major feature films, tv shows, stage, theater and in print.

    My career of over 25 years has taken me all over the world and given me so many fantastic memories such as, being back stage in Celene Dion dressing room, doing her makeup for her stage show "A New Day" in Vegas, or on stage with "The Rolling Stones" rock band, assisting the head makeup artist for the Stones, while they were on tour in the USA or on the set of "The Pirates of the Caribbean and "The Hunger Games" 2, doing The Capital Makeup's, for Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist and Department Head "Ve Neill"

    I started out doing makeup for family and friends then to various department stores as a Beauty Advisor for Estee Lauder (Resident Makeup Artist), Elizabeth Arden, Prescriptives, Gale Haymen, Flori Roberts, Adrien Arpel, then I moved on to print, runway, commercials, videos, television shows, opera, independent films and then to feature films

    What projects are you currently working on?

    SEM: Currently, I am working on the 3rd and 4th installments of "The Hunger Games" as a Makeup Artist.  I am also the Department Head of 2nd Unit Makeup, this means that I have to make sure that all the "extras" (talent) have the correct look for the scenes that we are shooting that day

    What does your studio look like?

    SEM:  Besides being a freelance makeup artist, I also have a makeup studio for doing custom blended makeup and powders, I also do brow design, lash extensions, and makeovers.  This also allows me to practice new looks and brush up on my skills

    What are your plans for 2014?  Any interesting upcoming projects?

    SEM:  I plan to continue doing my freelance movie and TV work and to teach a series of Makeup Artistry classes, at Binders Performance Makeup.  I also plan to publish my makeup and makeup career books out this year!

    For more information, please visit Selena’s website.

    Written by Carla Raleigh

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