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  • Where Have All the Pencils Gone?

    where have all the pencils gone

    Where Have All the Pencils Gone?

    I've been humming the Peter, Paul & Mary Song.. “where have all the flowers gone?” as I walk down our color pencil and marker aisles. If you have been in any department store, book store, gift shop, airport convenience store, gas station or art supply store, you have seen the hugest trend to hit the art supply world…ever, Coloring Books.

    This phenomenon is creating such a stir and reaches all levels of household incomes, education levels and all ages. From grade school children to oxygenations’, it seems everyone is coloring in something, so much so that even NBC’s The Today Show & ABC’s Good Morning America have done multiple feature stories on the trend.

    Many articles are published daily on the Zen benefits of this hobby, how it lets you unplug and get lost in the wide world of Coloring Books for Adults. As art supply industry experts, we chuckle like 5th grade boys when we see them advertised as “Adult Coloring Books”. Naughty images pop into our minds. We prefer the tasteful and more accurate Coloring Book for Adults.

    The news channels however are missing a huge part of the equation, this massive demand has created a worldwide supply shortage on all fine detail markers, colored pencils and watercolor pencils supplies.

    “There are only so many hours in the day, we are adding third shifts, we can’t get the tins to package the pencils in”, seems to be the repetitive answer to our calls asking our manufactures, “where have all the pencils gone?” Long Time passing….

    Every manufacturer from greeting cards, to gifts to traditional art supply vendors are trying to collect on the phenomenal coloring book craze, which forecast trend experts are estimating at least a good two years of healthy growth in this category.

    So where does this leave BINDERS, well we are scouring every source for the pencils our customers need in order to color in the and out of the lines. We are patiently waiting and hoping our long term relationships with the pencil and marker makers, makes BINDERS first on the list when shipments arrive to their warehouses.

    Kind Regards,
    Stacey Smith
    Senior Buyer
    BINDERS ART Supplies and Frames


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