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Yasumoto Hake Brushes

Yasumoto Hake Brushes

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These sheep hair Hake brushes are both durable and versatile. When wet, they come to a sharp point edge, and are capable of holding a substantial amount of ink or water. They can be used for a variety of applications, including watercolor and ceramic painting.

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SKU Yasumoto Hake Brushes
Brand Name Yasumoto
Department Name BRUSHES

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Hake Sheep Hair 1in BH3    
$2.10 $1.79
Hake 1" Flat Brush    
$2.52 $2.14
Hake Brush Flat 1-3/8in    
$2.89 $2.45
Hake Sheep Hair 1-1/2in BH5    
$3.26 $2.77
Hake Sheep Hair 1-7/8in BH6    
$4.20 $3.57
Hake Brush Flat 1-3/4in    
$3.52 $2.99
Hake Flat Sheep Hair 2-1/2    
$4.73 $4.02
Product Name Price Qty
Hake 2.5" Sheep Hair Brush    
$5.25 $4.46
Hake Brush Flat 3-1/4in    
$6.30 $5.36
Hake Flat Sheep Hair 3in    
$7.19 $6.11
Hake Brush Flat 4-4/8in    
$8.82 $7.50
Hake Sheep Hair 1in F10    
$9.87 $8.39
Hake Sheep Hair 1-1/2in F15    
$12.50 $10.62
Hake Sheep Hair 2-1/2in F25    
$18.69 $15.89
Hake Sheep Hair 3in F30    
$21.79 $18.52