Oil & Acrylic Brushes

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  1. Grumbacher Gainsborough Brushes

    Grumbacher Gainsborough Brushes

    Starting at: $5.88

    Made of Chungking hog bristle that are interlocked to preserve the natural curve of the bristle. Learn More
  2. Grumbacher Bristlette Brushes

    Grumbacher Bristlette Brushes

    Starting at: $5.28

    Ideal for acrylics Learn More
  3. Grumbacher Academy Hog Bristle Brush Sets

    Grumbacher Academy Hog Bristle Brush Sets

    Starting at: $19.16

    A collection of Grumbacher Hog Bristle brushes Learn More
  4. Grumbacher Academy Oil & Acrylic Brush Sets

    Grumbacher Academy Oil & Acrylic Brush Sets

    Starting at: $19.16

    The Academy name standing for quality at an affordable price is proud to offer a line of synthetic hair brushes for the oil and acrylic painter. This series is a near-professional quality synthetic brush that is appropriate for beginners, students and the value-conscious artist. It is the perfect companion to Grumbachers Academy oil and Academy acrylic line of paints. Designed for broad strokes using thick paint and for vigorous painting. Learn More
  5. Grumbacher Degas Brushes

    Grumbacher Degas Brushes

    Starting at: $6.28

    These brushes contain seven different professional-grade mixed synthetic filaments with natural flagged tips and interlocked construction. The filaments are fastened into seamless, rustproof nickel-plated brass ferrules and long, stained woodgrain handles to create these versatile brushes.

    Degas brushes are stiff enough to push heavy-body acrylics and oil, yet supple enough for the most delicate glazes.

    Learn More

5 Item(s)