Palette Knives

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  1. Italian Painting Knife 806

    Italian Painting Knife 806

    $7.95 $7.19

    For painting in the impasto technique, or for mixing and scraping paint, these steel, trowel-style blades are great. The Cheson line offers a selection of 36 different blade shapes. These knives have been hand forged by the same family for over 100 years. Each knife is mounted to a hand polished rosewood handle. The size and shape of the blade will result in great differences in spring and control. Always recommend that the painter dry test the knife before purchasing. Learn More
  2. Jack Richeson Palette Knives

    Jack Richeson Palette Knives

    Starting at: $7.19

    Great for acrylics because it absolutely will not rust. Learn More

2 Item(s)