Specialty Brushes

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  1. Yasumoto Hake Brushes

    Yasumoto Hake Brushes

    Starting at: $1.84

    These sheep hair Hake brushes are both durable and versatile Learn More
  2. Yasumoto Sumi Brushes

    Yasumoto Sumi Brushes

    Starting at: $6.96

    Orthodox Calligraphy Brush Learn More
  3. Yasumoto Calligraphy Brushes

    Yasumoto Calligraphy Brushes

    Starting at: $3.25

    Made with coarse, stiff horse hair which gives a crisp touch Learn More
  4. Yasumoto Niji Waterbrushes

    Yasumoto Niji Waterbrushes

    Starting at: $7.57

    Water is at your fingertips with these inventive brushes Learn More
  5. Yasutomo Specialty Brushes

    Yasutomo Specialty Brushes

    Starting at: $1.84

    Hake brushes, hake sheep hair brushes, waterbrush niji, and more Learn More
  6. Yasutomo Calligraphy Brushes

    Yasutomo Calligraphy Brushes

    Starting at: $3.25

    Unlike watercolor brushes, oil brushes, and most other paintbrushes, Sumi brushes are composed of two separate parts. Yasutomo’s Bamboo Calligraphy Brush is no exception.

    Learn More

6 Item(s)