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Holbein Oil Sets

Holbein Oil Sets

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Holbein Extra-Fine Artists' Oil Colors are one of the world's most exquisite colors. It is by far the best technically manufactured paint; ground 3 to 5 times to achieve a universally consistent viscosity! Each Holbein Oil Color is modified to compensate for the inherent differences in the working characteristics of the pigment. The entire manufacturing process is monitored to ensure optimum quality, as it relates to pigment purity, color tone, applicability and adhesion, physical stability, light stability, thermostability and antibacterial stability. By using Holbein Oils you can be sure that the time you put into your art will never be wasted, that the color you want in a custom blend is reliably achieved and the working qualities that you depend upon to accomplish your techniques remain consistent. Imported from Japan. Holbein Oil Sets make great gifts!

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Holbein Oil Paint Artist Set of 12 20ml    
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Holbein Oil Paint Artist Set of 20 20ml    
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