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Ampersand Hardbord Cradled Boards & Panels

Ampersand Hardbord Cradled Boards & Panels

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If you want to prepare your own panel, start with unprimed Hardbord and seal it and apply your own oil or acrylic primers. Hardbord is the finest pressed wood panel available anywhere. Made in the U.S. from quality hardwoods, this panel resists warping and moisture penetration. Hardbord accepts all types of commercial and handmade gesso grounds. Complete priming instructions inside product labeling. Available 1/8" flat, 1/4" flat, cradled with 3/4" strips or with the new 2" DEEP cradle. Hardbord is also an excellent surface onto which paper can be mounted.

Hardbord is available with our innovative and elegant cradles that provide extra support and presentation all in one. The New DEEP Cradle panels come with 2" birch plywood strips that are attached flush with the back edge of each panel. Our original cradled panels come with the thinner 3/4" birch plywood strips and can be framed like a standard size canvas or can be hung directly on the wall without additional framing. The plywood sides can be stained, painted, gessoed, waxed or left unfinished to customize and enhance your work. Both cradle versions can either be used to paint on directly or as supports on which to mount watercolor papers, photographs, fabrics and prints. The cradled panels will save you valuable painting time, as well as framing and carpentry costs!

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SKU Ampersand Hardbord Cradled Boards & Panels
Brand Name Ampersand
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Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Hardbord 1/8in 5x7 3pk    
$5.89 $5.18
Hardbord 1/8in 8x10    
$4.29 $3.78
Hardbord 1/8in 9x12    
$5.49 $4.83
Hardbord 1/8in Panel 9x12    
$2.05 $1.95
Hardbord 1/8in 11x14    
$6.69 $5.89
Hardbord 1/8in 12x12    
$6.49 $5.71
Hardbord 1/8in 12x16    
$7.25 $6.38
Hardbord 1/8in 16x20    
$8.89 $7.82
Hardbord 1/8in 18x24    
$11.49 $10.11
Product Name Price Qty
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 6x8    
$14.29 $12.58
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 8x10    
$17.99 $15.83
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 9x12    
$19.69 $17.33
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 11x14    
$21.59 $19.00
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 12x12    
$22.79 $20.06
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 12x16    
$22.99 $20.23
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 16x20    
$28.29 $24.90
Hardbord Cradle 3/4in 18x24    
$31.99 $28.15
Hardbord Deep 2in 11x14    
$30.49 $26.83
Hardbord Deep 2in 12x12    
$29.99 $26.39
Hardbord Deep 2in 12x16    
$31.89 $28.06