Creative Circus: Graphic Design

Creative Circus: Graphic Design

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Graphic Design Creative Circus

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SKU Creative Circus: Graphic Design
Brand The Creative Circus

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X-Acto Snap-Off Blade Knife    
Art Alternatives 8.5x11 Hard Bound Sketch Book    

Regular Price: $11.15

Special Price $5.99

Color Wheel Gray Scale & Value Finder allows for better and more accurate readings and also provides ample area for testing colour samples.    
Midwest Cellfoam 3mm 11-1/2x11-1/2 - 4 Pieces    
Lineco Small Bone Folder    
Creative Circus Graphic Design    
Art Alternatives White Artist Tape 3/4inx60yd    

Regular Price: $8.49

Special Price $6.99

UHU Large Glue Stick .74oz    
Sharpie Twin-Tip Permanent Marker - Black    
Chartpak AD Marker - Colorless Blender    

Regular Price: $4.10

Special Price $2.96

Gry Chip Brd 2Ply 30x40 Sht    
X-Acto Z Series #11 Blades 5pk    
Lineco Neutral PH Adhesive 8oz    
Art Alternatives Transfer Tape .75"x60yards    

Regular Price: $15.29

Special Price $12.59

Prismacolor Large Kneaded Eraser    
BEST TEST Rubber Cement 8oz    
Excel #11 Bulk Pack of Blades    
Product Name Price Qty
Best Test Pik-Up Rubber Cement Eraser    
Lineco Binding Posts 1/2in    
SOBO Premium Craft & Fabric Glue 4oz    
Flambeau Black Double Take Storage Case with Translucent Plastic Divider    
Princeton Brush Round Big Brush    

Regular Price: $1.33

Special Price $0.93

Dahle Vantage 8in Scissors    
Wht Rail Road Brd 22x28    
Art Alternatives 20x26 Metal Edge Drawing Board    
X-Acto #1 Knife with Safety Cap    

Regular Price: $3.59

Special Price $2.79

Pocket Color Wheel    
Midwest Cellfoam 5mm 11-1/2x11-1/2 - 3 Pieces    
Excel Burnishing Set with 4 Tips    
Lineco Stainless Steel Light Duty Awl    
3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray 16oz    
3M Double Sided Tape 1/2in    
Super Sculpey 1lb Beige Clay    
Super Sharpie Bold Black Permanent Marker    
Super Black Board 20x30 Sheet    
Bienfang Graphic 360 14x17 Pad    

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Special Price $16.43