Atelier Interactive Mediums

Atelier Interactive Mediums

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If you are using Atelier Interactive for its unique formula that allows you to control open time – please refer to the labelled information for each medium. They have created some ‘interactive’ mediums specifically for use with Atelier Interactive, along with traditional painting mediums for fast drying techniques.

Atelier Clear Painting Medium

Can be used to prevent runs in diluted paint applied vertically on an easel. It is used with the paint to dilute the viscosity and blend colours. This medium allows paint to spread over a surface for more blendable gradations of colour and fast glazing techniques. Interactive .


Atelier Gloss Medium

Used for adding translucency, flow and gloss to acrylic artists’ paints. Ideal for glazing and extending colours. Promotes flow and levelling. Can be mixed with the paint as a medium or used to seal a paint layer prior to overpainting.


Atelier Glazing Liquid (Gloss)

A low viscosity medium perfect for creating translucent glazes. Slightly extends open time and is waterproof when dry. Mix with paint for added translucency with a rich oil-like gloss sheen. Promotes flow and levelling.

An acrylic gel with a smooth buttery consistency. Use as a paint extender to adjust gloss and transparency without altering consistency. Mix with paint to increase body or apply directly on top of paint layer for a transparent textural effect. Holds moderate peaks and texture for impasto effects. Ideal for glazing. Milky colour becomes transparent when dry.


Atelier Slow Medium

Is the most useful medium for extending drying time. Very useful when painting large works because it gives an artist time to work without the paint drying too fast. It also allows thinly applied paint to remain workable. Even paint which feels dry to the touch can be reactivated with water for reblending techniques. Especially recommended for anyone who has trouble getting used to using the water spray. Interactive

Atelier Thick Slow Medium

Works in the same way as the more fluid Atelier Slow Medium, but with its more paint-like consistency it can be used for spreading and diluting paint without making it too thin or runny. Interactive .


Atelier Fast Medium/Fixer

Used to fix layers of paint fast especially when wanting to achieve multiple layers of glazing. Also useful when you want to reinforce a tender layer in preparation for scratch back and scraping techniques. Returns Interactive to a more conventional acrylic.


Atelier Unlocking Formula

Allows artists to reopen a paint layer of Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylic even after being touch-dry. Once the paint is reopened, new paint can be blended back in, existing paint edges can be feathered or whole sections can be removed with a rag. Can also be used to further extend wet blending time. Interactive

Atelier Retarder

Atelier Slow Medium should used with Interactive. Retarder should, in our experience, only be used as a 10% addition to your water spray in extremely dry conditions. Interactive .


Atelier Moulding Paste

A very thick and textural paste made from calcite grit. It has the same flexibility as the paint and is used to create strong textural interest at any stage in a painting’s process. Dries neutral and can be mixed with the paint to produce a colored ground, or overpainted once dry


Atelier Liquefying Medium

Allows you to change Atelier Interactive into a flow formula paint suitable for fine detailed line work or airbrushing techniques. Interactive  


Grounds are used when preparing a surface for acrylic painting. Atelier offers a professional range of products that provides the artist excellent adhesion to the painting surface, a flexible ground, a “tooth” for over painting and good sealing properties.


Surface preparation for Atelier Interactive
If you are using Atelier Interactive for its unique abilities that allow you to control open time, a non-absorbent ground is the preferred option.

Atelier Binder Medium

Can be used as a medium when needed to toughen paint for conventional acrylic techniques like scratching back. When added to paint it speeds drying and increases gloss. It can also binder for collage or a general purpose sealer to prepare porous surfaces either before using gesso or as a somewhat slippery ground preparation in its own right.


Atelier Gesso Primer

Is a flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content. Designed to provide a stable white surface on which to paint. Atelier Gesso may be used directly from the container for all over thick textural effects.


Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer

Is a flexible acrylic ground with a high grit content and a thinner consistency than Gesso Primer, it spreads more easily for a smoother painting surface.


A final varnish is used for protection of the completed painting. If your painting is too shiny or too matte, you can also correct the surface sheen by choosing the appropriate varnish.Atelier Interactive is also unique in that it dries to a lovely low sheen finish that maintains it’s high colour intensity but without a plastic look. When your painting is fully cured use Chroma Invisible Solvent Finishing Varnish to keep Atelier Interactive’s natural low sheen look, or for a higher sheen, use Chroma Satin Solvent Varnish or Gloss Solvent Finishing Varnish.

Chroma Solvent Finishing Varnishes - Invisible, Satin and Gloss

Are non-yellowing, self-leveling strippable varnishes which allow a painting to be cleaned more easily at a later date by swabbing with mineral turps. Chroma Solvent Varnishes are available in Satin, Gloss and Invisible. Invisible Varnish provides a protective coating and does not alter the surface quality of a painting. Recommended for use as a final varnish with Atelier Interactive paintings.


Are water based, non-toxic, self-leveling and can be used either as a medium to change the sheen levels of acrylic paints or as an over-varnish for acrylic painting. Provide a non-tacky protective coating. Atelier Matte, Satin and Gloss Medium & Varnish are creamy, mid-viscosity products made from hard acrylic emulsion. They are non-removable, however they can be overpainted.

We don't recommend Chroma Medium & Varnish as a final varnish to be used with Interactive because it absorbs the varnish before it can be spread over the dry paint. If you do want to use Medium & Varnish with Interactive we advise you to apply 2 coats of Fast Medium/Fixer to seal the surface of the painting before varnishing.

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