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PPI Skin Illustrator Liquid On Ice 2oz

PPI Skin Illustrator Liquid On Ice 2oz

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This PPI Skin Illustrator Liquid On Ice 2oz is an alcohol-based liquid makeup that is the same shade that comes in the Skin Illustrator palette and can be used alone or to refill the palettes. To refill the palettes, first shake the bottle thoroughly until you can hear the mixing balls moving freely inside. Pour a small amount into the cell, gently stir while using the low setting of a blow-dryer. When the color is almost dry, shake the bottle again (it can settle quickly) and repeat the process until the cell is filled. This long-wearing makeup can be removed with alcohol or an oil-based cleanser. On Ice can be found in the Skin Illustrator Necromania Palette.

Additional Information

Brand Name PPI
Size 2oz Jar
Oversized Item No
Color Blue