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PPI Skin Illustrator Activators

PPI Skin Illustrator Activators

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SKIN ILLUSTRATOR ACTIVATOR is a special proprietary blend of ethanol and isopropynal alcohol and is needed to activate all of the Skin Illustrator palettes.  It is NOT 99% alcohol.  While you can use 99%, Activator has a more mild fragrance and is much easier on the senses.  Skin Illustrator Activator is used to activate the make-up pigments in the Skin Illustrator Palettes. A quick spray into the palette and the color is ready to be applied with a brush or makeup sponge. The Activator evaporates out of the makeup after it is applied leaving a semi-permanent makeup.  (Do not use anything other than Activator, Slow Activator or 99% alcohol on any of the Skin Illustrator palettes).

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