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Painting the Nude Female Figure Simply with Kris Meadows

Painting the Nude Female Figure Simply with Kris Meadows

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Painting the Nude Female Figure Simply with Kris Meadows
2 Sessions | Intermediate to Advanced | Price: $195 | Max. 14
ARTZ7814| Saturday & Sunday, October 4 & 5, 10am – 5p


Painting the Nude Female Figure Simply is designed to show students and artists of all skill levels how to create the nude female figure using a simple approach - The SVEC Method™. Developed by Kris Meadows, this approach relies on careful observation of Shapes, Values, Edges and Color as a way to help students and artists greatly improve the accuracy of their work.  This straightforward approach helps minimize fear and maximize accurate results by focusing less on likeness and more on Shapes, Values, Edges and Color - all that is necessary to achieve a superb likeness when painting portraits.

Students are encouraged to ask questions, make appropriate comments regarding the process of figure painting as well as express concerns about the things they do not fully understand.  It is in this dialog between the students and instructor that the mysteries and complexities of figure painting can be simplified in a way that each student will gain a greater understanding of the process involved.  Figure painting is NOT impossible and by paying close attention to SVECs a likeness becomes much easier to achieve than one might expect.  The instructor will provide a relaxed, fun and educational environment for all students attending this workshop.


This event takes place in our Buckhead location

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