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Cleaning Pads

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  1. Dry Cleaning Pad

    Dry Cleaning Pad

    $6.05 $5.99

    Keep your drawings clean with this fabric-covered pad containing grit-free powder that absorbs dirt and other particles. Learn More
  2. Draftsman Cleaning Pad-2oz

    Draftsman Cleaning Pad-2oz

    $3.99 $3.59

    AL1238| Draftsman Cleaning Pads (Alvin| CLEANING PAD~2OZ DRAFTSMAN Learn More
  3. Draftsman Cleaning Pad-4oz

    Draftsman Cleaning Pad-4oz

    $5.99 $5.39

    AL1248| Draftsman Cleaning Pads (Alvin| CLEANING PAD~4OZ DRAFTSMAN Learn More
  4. Document Cleaning Pad

    Document Cleaning Pad

    $8.89 $8.00

    LK7821004| Tape and Adhesvies (Lineco)| DOCUMENT CLEANING PAD Learn More

4 Item(s)