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Calligraphy Petal Pods & Mono Pods

Calligraphy Petal Pods & Mono Pods

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Calligraphy Wood Monopod and Petal PodTM by Anne Elser Introducing the newly improved MonoPodTM and PetalPodTM! We've taken the same great design of the world's most innovative calligraphy ink well and added leak proof containers, each with their own threaded cap!! Whether you dip your nib or like to load a brush, the smaller pod is perfect for holding just the right amount of ink, gouache, or water color and measures .63 inches wide and 1 inch high.

The larger center pod can be filled with water/cleaner or to to hold a wet wipe while you work. A calligrapher's dream tool, MonoPods and PetalPods love you and want you to grow. Made of natural pine, MonoPods and PetalPods are handcrafted, signed and embellished right here in Georgia. Designed by Anne Elser, MonoPods and PetalPods are sold exclusively at BINDERS®. Wooden base MonoPods measures 2.5 inches wide X .75 inches high.

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