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    IXSET| Paper-Calligraphy (Intercallig| UNDRLINER SET, 6 SHTS Learn More
  2. Sumi Rice Paper Rolls

    Sumi Rice Paper Rolls

    Starting at: $9.22

    These acid-free Oriental papers are strong and absorbent. They are made in the centuries-old Japanese tradition.

    Hosho — Hosho is a traditional kozo (mulberry fiber) paper that doesn’t shrink or tear easily, making it ideal for woodblock or line printing. Hosho paper is sized.

    Kozo — Kozo rice paper is highly absorbent, making it ideal for calligraphy and watercolor painting. Kozo paper is not sized.

    Unryu — Unryu rice paper has been used for centuries in Japan for creating Shoji screens and is extremely strong, thanks to molded-in fibers. It’s excellent for calligraphy, sumi-e, watercolors, and a good choice for crafts too. Unryu paper is not sized.

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  3. Sumi Rice Paper Pads

    Sumi Rice Paper Pads

    Starting at: $9.14

    This painting and calligraphy rice paper, known as washi, is designed for the art of sumi-e, a traditional Japanese painting.

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  4. Calligraphy Transparent Underliners

    Calligraphy Transparent Underliners

    Starting at: $7.01

    Transparent plastic sheets with precision-drawn guide lines. Place them under your paper to provide guidelines for calligraphy or transfer lettering. Learn More
  5. Yasumoto Sumi Rice Paper Sheets

    Yasumoto Sumi Rice Paper Sheets

    Starting at: $9.14

    Beautiful imported oriental papers made from a variety of fibers in versatile absorbent rolls for ink and brush work, watercolor, sketching, etc. Learn More

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