Erasers & Sharpeners

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  1. Kneaded Erasers

    Kneaded Erasers

    Starting at: $0.69

    This popular eraser kneads easily into any shape, erases cleanly, and picks up all residue. It's excellent for removing or highlighting pencil, chalk, charcoal, and pastel. Learn More
  2. Pink Pearl Erasers

    Pink Pearl Erasers

    Starting at: $0.59

    Pink Pearl, our best-selling pencil eraser, is an all-time favorite. Soft and pliable, it always gives smudge-free erasures. It's beveled on the ends for better control. Latex Free. Learn More
  3. Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers

    Prismacolor ArtGum Erasers

    Starting at: $0.49

    The Prismacolor Artgum Eraser is dual-purposed, acting as both a non-abrasive eraser and dry cleaner. Its block-shape will whittle away, leaving a fine powder after erasing that dry cleans the surface by picking up graphite and dirt. Learn More
  4. Novelty Pencil Sharpeners

    Novelty Pencil Sharpeners

    Starting at: $1.99

    Unique pencil accessories to make writing projects fun. Perfect for party favor bags, prize giveaways, church events, picnics, and more. Learn More
  5. Colorstripe Sharpener

    Colorstripe Sharpener

    $2.56 $2.43

    | Colorstripe| Learn More
  6. Adj Sharpness Sharpener

    Adj Sharpness Sharpener

    $1.99 $1.59

    | Pencil Accessories (Masters In| Learn More
  7. Derwent Elec Pncl Sharpener
  8. Dual Sharpener for TK lead

    Dual Sharpener for TK lead

    $8.50 $7.23

    | Pencil Accessories (Faber Cast| Learn More
  9. Dux Glass Inkwell Sharpener

    Dux Glass Inkwell Sharpener

    $11.25 $10.13

    ALDX2580N| Pencil Accessories (Alvin)| SHARPENER~GLASS INKWELL ASST Learn More
  10. Eraser Pncl

    Eraser Pncl

    $2.85 $2.28

    ARTFOLIO 2012| Pencil Accessories (Faber Cast| Learn More
  11. Grip 3 Hole Pncl Sharpener

    Grip 3 Hole Pncl Sharpener

    $6.45 $5.48

    | Pencil Accessories (Faber Cast| Learn More
  12. KUM 400-1K Pncl SHARPENER

    KUM 400-1K Pncl SHARPENER

    $1.58 $1.49

    AL495KMD| Pencil Accessories (Kum)| SHARPENER~1/HOLE METAL WEDGE Learn More
  13. KUM 410 Metal Pncl SHARPENER

    KUM 410 Metal Pncl SHARPENER

    $2.35 $2.29

    AL410KMD| Pencil Accessories (Kum)| SHARPENER~2/HOLE METAL WEDGE Learn More
  14. Kum 430M1 Barrel Sharpener

    Kum 430M1 Barrel Sharpener

    $3.73 $3.35

    | Pencil Accessories (Kum)| Learn More
  15. KUM AUTOMATIC 2M 1053121

    KUM AUTOMATIC 2M 1053121

    $11.10 $9.99

    | Pencil Accessories (Kum)| Learn More


    $6.40 $5.76

    | Pencil Accessories (Kum)| Learn More
  17. KUM SOFTIE Dbl 410SG

    KUM SOFTIE Dbl 410SG

    $4.80 $4.39

    | Pencil Accessories (Kum)| Learn More


    $2.40 $1.92

    | Pencil Accessories (Masters In| Learn More
  19. Repl Blades 530S 3pk

24 Item(s)