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Yasumoto Sumi Ink & Supplies

Yasumoto Sumi Ink & Supplies

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This convenient liquid sumi ink is made of high-quality vegetable oil soot. Eliminating the need for grinding an ink stick, as with traditional sumi ink, it conveniently saves time and is economical.

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SKU Yasumoto Sumi Ink & Supplies
Brand Name Yasumoto
Department Name INK

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Black Sumi Ink Bokuju KY 6oz    
$9.87 $8.39
Black Sumi Ink Bokuju KF 12oz    
$14.12 $12.00
Yasumoto Sumi-E Book    
$10.97 $9.33
Natural Suzuri Stone 5-1/2x3    
$12.71 $10.80
Black Sumi Ink Bokuju KF 2oz    
$4.99 $4.24
Yasumoto Bamboo Brush Pen    
$13.81 $11.74
Sumi Liquid Ink 2oz Red    
$9.45 $8.03
Natural Suzuri Stone 5x2-1/2    
$12.08 $10.26
Black Sumi Ink Bokuju KY 2oz    
$6.20 $5.27
Baren 4-1/2 Diameter    
$9.40 $7.99
Sumi Sketch    
$41.32 $35.12
Giant Bamboo Sketch Pen    
$8.25 $7.01