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Hanson-WC Basic SH 3pc Set

Hanson-WC Basic SH 3pc Set

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Kathy Hanson-"If I could only own one brush for watercolor it would be a Black Velvet #8 series 3000S round. The full body and slender tip make it the most versatile brush I have ever used. With one stroke I can fill in both large and small areas with color. The quality of this brush is beyond words. For all my liner work I use a Golden Natural #0 series 2007S Script. Its long hairs hold a nice load of paint and it performs beautifully. When covering large areas of paper with paint or water I use a Silverwhite 1" series 1511S Stroke brush. It is a quality brush at a reasonable cost that gets the job done effortlessly." This set features Golden Natural script liner 1, Black Velvet round 8, Silverwhite stroke 1".
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