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Hot Cakes 1.5oz damar-Wax Medium

Hot Cakes 1.5oz damar-Wax Medium

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XD Wax Medium gets it is name from the "extra damar" we use to make it. This wax medium has a higher content of damar resin than the original, giving it a thicker consistency when liquified. It also has a sticky tack while drying for easy texture build up and will stay pliable for a longer time than our original Wax Medium. Once cooled however, it is resistant to surface alterations from scraping or incising and offers a hard film. The XD can be used as a base coat, wax paint extender for glazing, and especially useful as a topcoat. Since it is a thicker medium, the XD can be used as a translucent layer that when fused to the under layer will 0t disturb the design or delicate applications of that layer. If you want to achieve a glass like surface with a single coat, this is the product for you! XD has a nice even flow that is easily controllable while using a heat gun with our slotted brushes.
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