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Jack Richeson Lyptus Dulce Easel

Jack Richeson Lyptus Dulce Easel

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The Jack Richeson Lyptus Dulce Easel has a sliding mast that moves independent of the painting tray, offering artists a greater variety of settings in which to work. By extending the mast to it's highest point and leaving the painting tray in it's lowest setting, artists are able to work on very large canvases. Alternately, by moving the mast to it's lowest setting, especially where ceiling height is a concern, artists can work both sitting and standing allowing for great versatility. With it's H-Frame construction and quad base, this easel offers great stability for working seated or standing. A slide and lock system adjusts the height. The maximum canvas height for this easel is 84”. The base measures 21”x24”. At it's most compact the easel measures 58” while at it's most extended it reaches a height of 95”. This easel is shipped partially assembled.
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