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Chartpak Plaka Casein Emulsion Paint 50mL

Chartpak Plaka Casein Emulsion Paint 50mL

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A super-opaque, lightfast paint made from a casein emulsion base. Casein is a milk-based paint which may be thinned with water, but becomes waterproof when dry. This high performance paint quickly dries to become smudge-proof and is fully dry in 12-24 hours. 

It is similar to a smooth, fine gouache paint, but even more opaque and with a velvet-like matt finish and a flat, smooth appearance. The slow spreading of the colour makes the paint very even. Large surfaces will be covered without unwanted brushmarks. The super-opacity provides brilliant colour results even on dark backgrounds. 

The versatility of casein means it can be applied as a thick impasto or in thin watercolor washes. If a gloss finish is desired casein paintings can be varnished. It is fade-proof and waterproof; but paintings intended to be long-lasting should be varnished. 

Stir well to mix properly and add a little water before use, if desired. Keep jars well capped. 

Plaka works well on nearly all surfaces (i.e. cardboard, card, paper, ceramic, wood, metal, glass and stone), especially for non-absorbent surfaces (i.e. plastic, glass, metal). Plaka is ideal for crafting, painting, designing, decorating, commercial art, window displays, transparencies, posters, interior and exterior decorations, crafts and model-making. It works fine with single-action airbrushes when thinned.

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SKU Chartpak Plaka Casein Emulsion Paint 50mL
Brand Name Chartpak
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