Fabric & Textile Paints

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  1. Pinata Colors

    Pinata Colors

    Starting at: $2.75

    Pinata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free, transparent ink colors

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  2. Jacquard Procion Dye 20ml

    Jacquard Procion Dye 20ml

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    This is a concentrated dye, which you add to tap water, gives the most brilliant color of all dyes on cellulose fibers.

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  3. Jacquard Textile Fabric Dye 2oz

    Jacquard Textile Fabric Dye 2oz

    Starting at: $3.47

    These intense, semi-opaque colors leave your fabric as soft as possible.

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  4. Jacquard Lumiere

    Jacquard Lumiere

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    The perfect choice for fabric and leather but also can be applied to paper Learn More
  5. Jacquard Neopaque Paints

    Jacquard Neopaque Paints

    Starting at: $4.58

    Designed to cover dark backgrounds with light application. Learn More
  6. Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow

    Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow

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    Use this concentrated liquid color on any porous surface or untreated fabric, natural or synthetic.

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  7. Jacquard iDye Fabric Dye

    Jacquard iDye Fabric Dye

    Starting at: $2.75

    Color for polyester & nylon

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  8. Jacquard Red Label Dye

    Jacquard Red Label Dye

    Starting at: $32.50

    Ideal for traditional silk painting or painting on cottons and rayon it is also used in many specialty applications utilizing discharges, chemical resist, printing and diffusion techniques. Learn More

8 Item(s)