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Faux & Leafing

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  1. COPPER LEAF 5.5in 25 SHT

    COPPER LEAF 5.5in 25 SHT

    $14.95 $14.19

    RO30718125| Deco Paint-Metal Leaf (OWA)| COPPER~COMP METAL LEAF 25/PK Learn More
  2. Gold Leafing Pen 18 Kt

    Gold Leafing Pen 18 Kt

    $12.09 $10.29

    BN9901| Leafing Pens (Krylon)| PEN~18KT GOLD LEAFING Learn More
  3. Leafing Pen Copper

    Leafing Pen Copper

    $12.09 $10.29

    BN9903| Leafing Pens (Krylon)| PEN~COPPER LEAFING Learn More
  4. Leafing Pen Silver

    Leafing Pen Silver

    $12.09 $10.29

    BN9902| Leafing Pens (Krylon)| PEN~SILVER LEAFING Learn More
  5. Luco Quick Dry 4oz Gold Size

    Luco Quick Dry 4oz Gold Size

    $20.50 $18.45

    Luco Quick Dry 4oz Gold Size is designed to be a fast set which is ideal for automotive and motorcycle graphics. Luco Quick dry size will be ideal for gilding in 1-3 hours depending on temperature and humidity. Learn More
  6. 5.5" Silver & Aluminum Leaf Sheets - Pack of 25

    5.5" Silver & Aluminum Leaf Sheets - Pack of 25

    $14.95 $14.19

    Beautiful, 5-1/2" square metallic leaf sheets. Learn More
  7. Magic Leaf Copper

    Magic Leaf Copper

    $19.00 $16.19

    LUG41603| Deco Paint-Metal Magic Leaf (L| MAGIC LEAF~COPPER (BOOK) Learn More
  8. Moon Discovery Collection

    Moon Discovery Collection

    $20.55 $18.50

    This craft paint gives an enameled, pearlescent, opaque finish to glass, wood, Plexiglas, canvas, ceramic, metal and more. Learn More
  9. Prisme Discovery Collection

    Prisme Discovery Collection

    $20.55 $18.50

    Solvent based effect colors which can be mixed together. Learn More
  10. Vitrail Discovery 6 Set

    Vitrail Discovery 6 Set

    $19.95 $17.96

    Transparent, intense and very bright colors. Learn More
  11. Vitrail Transparent Discovery Set

    Vitrail Transparent Discovery Set

    $19.95 $17.96

    Transparent and Luminous solvent based colors to decorate on glass. Learn More
  12. Vitrail Crackling Kit

    Vitrail Crackling Kit

    $15.55 $14.00

    Create the look of true stained glass on Plexiglas, acetate, metal, glass and more with these quality glass paints. Learn More

13 Item(s)