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Ampersand Scratchbords

Ampersand Scratchbords

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Scratchboard or scraperboard refers to both a medium, and an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools for etching into a thin layer of white China clay that is coated with black India ink. Scratchboard can also be made with several layers of multi-colored clay, so the pressure exerted on the instrument used determines the color that is revealed. There is also foil paper covered with black ink that, when scratched, exposes the shiny surface beneath. Scratchboard can be used to yield highly detailed, precise and evenly textured artwork.

A rigid hardboard backing and a perfectly inked surface make this the ultimate scratchboard. Made with a thick clay-coating and T100 India Ink. Allows for a full range of tonal values.

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Ampersand Sally Maxwell Scratchboard DVD    
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Scratchbord Black 5x5 3pk    
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Scratchbord Black 8x8    
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Scratchbord Black 9x12    
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Scratchbord Black 11x14    
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Scratchbord Black 12x16    
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Scratchbord Blk 14x18    
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Scratchbord Black 16x20    
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Claybord Scratch Knife    
$7.39 $6.50