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Printmaking Tools

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  1. Scratch Knife 113-Rnd

    Scratch Knife 113-Rnd

    $1.99 $1.89

    HU9443| Scratch Knives (Speedball)| SCRATCH KNIFE BLADE #113 ROUND Learn More
  2. Scratch Knife 112-Flat

    Scratch Knife 112-Flat

    $1.99 $1.89

    HU9442| Scratch Knives (Speedball)| SCRATCH KNIFE BLADE #112 FLAT Learn More
  3. Speedball Steel Brush Nibs

    Speedball Steel Brush Nibs

    Starting at: $10.07

    These flexible pen nibs stroke like brushes, and clean easily. Use them with any water-base medium for large calligraphy and lettering on signs, posters, etc. They fit ordinary standard pen holders.

    Learn More

3 Item(s)