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Scratchboard Materials

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  1. Scratchart ScratchBoards

    Scratchart ScratchBoards

    Starting at: $6.75

    Scratchboards are boards of various thickness coated with a fine white china clay and coated with an opaque black ink. Dramatic black and white drawings can be created by scratching through the black coating to expose the white clay surface beneath. A scratchknife or other metal scratch tool produces lines, textures, etc. Economical high quality student grade scratchboard. Safe, clean and non-toxic. Instructions included.

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  2. Ampersand Scratchbords

    Ampersand Scratchbords

    Starting at: $6.37

    A rigid hardboard backing and a perfectly inked surface make this the ultimate scratchboard. Made with a thick clay-coating and T100 India Ink. Allows for a full range of tonal values.

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2 Item(s)