Touch The Art Mona Lisa

Touch The Art Mona Lisa

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The "Touch the Art" series is a fresh, funny introduction to fine art for kids. "Jump inside" the paintings with fun, tactile pages that introduce children to the works of the worlds greatest artists and their famous paintings. Each book in the "Touch the Art" series gives kids the chance to tug, snap, lift and pull their way through art history. The mysterious Mona Lisa could use a little grooming--so go ahead and brush her long black hair! Continue with the Old Masters by touching the large, lacy collar of Frans Hals The Laughing Cavalier, petting the horses tail in Velazquezs Prince Baltasar Carlos on Horseback, and arranging the snappy elastic hair in Boticcellis The Birth of Venus. Other paintings come from Vermeer, de la Tour, Raphael, and Van Eyck.

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