Iwata Freehand Solvent Proof Template #6

Iwata Freehand Solvent Proof Template #6

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Iwata Freehand Solvent Proof Template #6; Airbrush Templates are a real asset to anyone who uses an airbrush. These SOLVENT PROOF templates can be easily flexed or curved around irregular shaped surfaces and cleaned with solvents without being damaged. Delineate shapes by matching the contours of the Freehand Airbrush Templates with the subject matter. Simply rotate or flip-flop the Freehand Airbrush Templates to find the shape that works best or raise the template slightly to create a soft edge. However you use these templates, you are sure to create something great! The FH 5 and FH 6 feature a variety of smaller and mid-range size freehand contour shapes for multi-purpose airbrush work.

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