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SILK-60ml Blk 759

SILK-60ml Blk 759

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Liquid dyes for silk paintingthese easy to use dyes, produce rich, transparent colors that allow the translucent nature of the fabric to shine through. All 20 colors may be blended to produce an infinite range of vivid colors that flow freely on silk. Silk Colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so they do not stiffen the silk or cover the luster. All 20 colors may be blended together into an infinite range of vivid colors or diluted with water for pastels. These simple to use dyes are lightfast, odorless, non-toxic, contain no alcohol and can be hand washed or dry-cleaned. Green Label Silk Colors can be set in one of two waysby immersion in our Permanent Dyeset Concentrate mixed with water or by steaming. The Dyeset Concentrate method takes 5 minutes, produces excellent colors and could not be easier. But for the absolute best colors these dyes should be steam set.
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