Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor

Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor

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Sparmax TC2000 Stormforce Compressor is quiet, durable and reliable. This high-quality 1/6 HP oil-free twin cylinder Compressor has built-in cooling ducts, safety valves and an auto shut-off feature that prevent overheating. It has a maximum pressure of 80 psi with a 28 LPM airflow. A moisture filter/air pressure gauge and regulator is included, as well as a 10 ft. Cobra coiled airline, a 10 ft. braided airline, an airbrush stand, and 4 outlet thread adaptors. Multi-outlet kits are available allowing attachment of more than one airbrush (suitable for simultaneous operation of two airbrushes). Please note: one 10 ft. airline is required for each additional airbrush.

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