Derwent Sktch Coll 12 Tin

Derwent Sktch Coll 12 Tin

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These value-priced sets feature a range of mixed sketching media - ideal for beginners and students. The 12-Piece set includes: three water-soluble sketching pencils, three graphic blocks, three charcoal blocks, a charcoal pencil, a white pastel pencil and a terra-cotta drawing pencil. The 24-Piece set includes all of the above, plus: two additional charcoal pencils, two pastel pencils, a drawing pencil, a Graphitone pencil, two graphic pencils, a graphic block, a charcoal block, a kneaded eraser and a sharpener. The 36-Piece set includes everything in the 24-Piece set, plus: an additional drawing pencil, two Graphitone pencils, two graphic pencils, two graphic blocks, two charcoal blocks, a plastic eraser, a stump and a sand block. Each set comes packaged in a durable tin.
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