Copic TC620 Compressor

Copic TC620 Compressor

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The robust, fully automatic Copic TC620 Compressor is equipped with a generous 3.5 liter air tank, which automatically refills as required. Built-in cooling ducts, safety valves and auto shut-off prevent overheating. Virtually no maintenance is required. Multiple airbrushes may be attached by way of a multi-outlet adapter and the TC620 has the capacity to enable up to four airbrushes to be used simultaneously (please note: one 10 ft. airline is required for each additional airbrush). A moisture filter/air pressure gauge and pressure regulator is included, as well as a 10 ft. Cobra coiled airline, a 10 ft. braided airline, an airbrush holder and 4 outlet adaptors to enable use with any major brand of airbrush.

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