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Schaedler Prec Rules 12 B

Schaedler Prec Rules 12 B

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The Decimal Inch is divided into 100ths instead of 64ths. Suppose you had to break an 8.5 inch page into three equal columns. The easiest way is to divide 8.5 by three. The answer is 2.83. But thats a decimal answer. How do you convert it back to standard inches? With the Schaedler Decimal-Inch Rule you will not have to bother. DTP Points & Picas (DTP = DeskTop Publishing) have been placed on the other edge of this rule. And this time, the points and picas do correspond to standard inches. 12 points = 1 pica; 6 picas = 1 inch. The scale is cumulatively marked in both points and picas for the entire length of the rule (72 picas or 864 points = 12 inches). There is also an Agate Line scale that runs down the center space of this rule. Agate lines were once used to define newspaper advertising space (so many agates by so many columns). Maybe they still are. This B rule has a pinkish cast to help distinguish it from the A rule at a glance.
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