Liquitex Texture Gel Glass Beads 8oz

Liquitex Texture Gel Glass Beads 8oz

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Liquitex Texture Gel Glass Beads 8oz is a medium viscosity gel that contains clear, round aggregates that dry to a semi-gloss, reflective surface. For most dramatic reflective effects, mix it with transparent or translucent colours or apply it straight from the container over dried paint. For reflective textural glazes, it can be mixed with Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish and small amounts of Liquitex Medium Viscosity Concentrated Artist Colour. It is suitable as a ground for acrylic and oil paint and is easily applied with a brush. Formulated for maximum flexibility and adhesion, it will not chip or crack. It can be applied to any material or surface that will accept traditional acrylic media, such as canvas, paper and wood. It is lightweight, non-toxic and dries to a water resistant, non-yellowing surface.

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