Daylight White Floor Swan Lamp

Daylight White Floor Swan Lamp

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The Daylight White Floor Swan Lamp features an “EasyTwist” shade that provides 320 degree shade and an extra long flexi-arm neck that reach 14” and allows for easy positioning of the 18W energy saving light. The lamp also includes a crystal clear 1.75x magnification lens on a longer, removable 18” flexi-arm. This lamp provides daylight technology which reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and also true color matching. It is a multifunctional floor lamp for all types of hobbies with wide and even spread of light. The lamp brightness is 8700 Lux at 15cm and 2950 Lux at 30cm. The total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 1200lm. This lamp features the Daylight bulb which uses 80% less energy and provides true color. This lamp is 44” tall.

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