Crayola 8 Count Washable Crayons

Crayola 8 Count Washable Crayons

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Crayola 8 Count Washable Crayons are nontoxic,easy to handle and are specially formulated for smoother and easier lay down. They are also sturdy enough to stand up to the toughest of little artists. You will love them just as much as your child will, because they are washable. A damp sponge and water is all you need to wash them off most surfaces, including clothing and table tops. Safe and non-toxic, Crayola washable crayons, 8-pack, are a great choice for kids of all ages. Let your child color his or her world in a big way with these colorful crayons. They can be sharpened as needed to ensure that they can be used again and again.

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