ArtGraf Water Soluble Graphite Tin

ArtGraf Water Soluble Graphite Tin

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ArtGraf Water Soluble Graphite Tin features deluxe, unique water-soluble graphite! These first-rate art materials are a true treat for any artist who values quality. ArtGraf's main attraction is the totally innovative graphite block, a unique new addition to the art supply world. Behaving much like a watercolor block, ArtGraf's graphite tin is used by wetting a brush and loading it with graphite, then painting in beautiful, shimmering monochromatic tones. Also included in the set is a soft, water-soluble graphite sketching stick for adding details or shading large areas (also available in packs of 2 or boxes of 10), as well as a travel watercolor brush, all packed in a sleek black case with foam inserts. Perfect for taking on the road, the set can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag. For shading large areas and for gestural strokes, try the generous, 250g XL stick, and get rich shades of black and grey with the new tailor's-chalk-inspired water-soluble Carbon Block. Create beautiful tonal drawings with this deluxe new water-soluble graphiteand carbon from one of Europe's premier pencil makers!

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