Mega Bk Storytime stickers

Mega Bk Storytime stickers

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The super-successful Storytime Stickers series has gone MEGA, with endless fantastic adventures for kids to join in: - Ahoy Matey!: Pirates and hidden treasure! What could be better? - Mutant bugs: Icky insects have escaped! - Zooming cars and trucks: Put the pedal to the metal, cause this is a great ride - Creatures from outer space: aliens are racing through space on a secret mission. Do they come in peace? - Sharks!: Where sharks play, action follows! Explore the salty sea. - Boom! Whir! Rumble!: Go on the job at a busy, messy construction site. With every turn of the page, children can use the stickers to create a different scene. And when they are ready to start over, all they have to do is remove the stickers and begin again!

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