Multi Ring Mini Blk 8.5x11

Multi Ring Mini Blk 8.5x11

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The ability to add and subtract pages from your presentation just got a whole lot easier with the Art Profolio Multi-Ring Mini Refillable Binder. Incorporating the same PolyGlass Pages pockets from the larger Art Profolio Multi-Ring binder, the Mini now allows a sleek and slim profile for those thinner presentations of up to 20 pocket sleeves. Made from a unique and proprietary process, the polypropylene cover is rigid to protect the contents, yet lightweight for easy transport to your important presentations. The pages are locked in place with an exclusive acrylic ring mechanism that snaps into place and hold the pages securely. Despite its smaller rings, the Mini uses the same pockets as the larger Multi-Ring binder so you dont need to buy a different set of insert pages like other companys small binders. And the easy-to-use Mini ring mechanism means no screw posts to disassemble making assembly of your presentation fast and efficient. Designed for use with ITOYAs exclusive PolyGlass Pages refill sheets, featuring crystal clear clarity and glass smooth texture. Each PolyGlass Pages sheet contains a quality, European-sourced, acid-free mounting paper and specially welded binder holes for easy insertion into the Multi-Ring Refill binder. As with all Art Profolio brand products, the Multi-Ring Mini Refillable Binder and the PolyGlass Pages insert sheets are archival safe and acid-free.
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