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Faber Castell Watercolor Pencil Sets

Faber Castell Watercolor Pencil Sets

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Named after the famous German artist who created lush illustrations and paintings in watercolor, Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils live up to their namesake's reputation. Made from only the highest quality materials, including vibrant pigments, a unique binder medium, and sustainable wood casing, over half the range of colors earns the highest lightfast rating of over 100 years of fade resistance! Perfect for both drawing and painting techniques, Albrecht Dürer watercolor pencils preserve the best qualities of both dry and wet media, and are particularly well suited for sketches when traveling. Try these superb water-soluble pencils today with one of these well-balanced and brilliant sets!

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Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
Albrecht Durer Artist Watercolor 12 Set    
$32.25 $24.19
Albrecht Durer Artist Watercolor 24 Set    
$64.50 $48.38
Albrecht Durer Artist Watercolor 36 Set Boxed    
$99.75 $74.81
Albrecht Durer Artist Watercolor 60 Set    
$161.25 $120.94
Albrecht Durer Anniversary Watercolor Pencil 36 Set    
$96.75 $72.56