Graftobian Neutral #3 AB-HD Crème Pack

Graftobian Neutral #3 AB-HD Crème Pack

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The Graftobian Neutral #3 AB-HD Crème Pack is an introductory way to try Graftobian’s fabulous HD makeups. This sampler pack comes with a single HD Palette and each of its five matching shades of airbrush makeup in mini sampler size.(1/4oz. each)  This cross platform concept, first devised by Hollywood makeup artist Brad Look, allows the artist to use both the Graftobian HD Creme and the Graftobian HD GlamAire airbrush makeup in exactly the same shade on the same face if so desired. Whether you're an artist that loves cremes and wants to explore HD Airbrush, or you're an expert at airbrush and wish to try their famous HD Cremes, either way, this little sampling scheme gives you an inexpensive way to give Graftobian a try!  The colors in this palette are: Chestnut, Warm Umber, Hazelnut, Hidden Magic, and Nightfall.
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