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Rembrandt Dark Set of 40 Pastel Half Sticks

Rembrandt Dark Set of 40 Pastel Half Sticks

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Rembrandt Soft Pastels have a velvety smooth softness and are thoroughly blended and uniform, without hard bits or sharp edges that could cause shiny spots or scratches during application. These round pastel sticks are paper-wrapped and printed with the color name and number, the price series letter, the lightfastness rating and the number suffix indicating whether it is a shade (.3), pure tone (.5), or a tint (.7, .8, .9, etc.). This Rembrandt Dark Set of 40 Pastel Half Sticks includes Raw Sienna 3, Gold Ochre 3, Light Oxide Red 3, Orange 3, Burnt Sienna 3, Orange 2, Permanent Red 2, Carmine 3, Caput Mortuum Red 3, Permanent Red Deep 3, Indian Red 3, Indian Red 2, Red Violet 3, Blue Violet 2, Violet 3, Ultramarine Deep 2, Ultramarine Light 2, Prussian Blue 2, Prussian Blue 3, Bluish Green 3, Permanent Green Deep 2, Turqouise Blue 3, Cinnabar Green Deep 3, Bluish Green 2, Cinnabar Green Light 3, Cinnabar Green Deep 2, Green Grey 3, Olive Green 2, Olive Green 3, Yellow Ochre 3, Yellow Ochre 2, Raw Sienna 3, Raw Umber 2, Raw Umber 2, Burnt Umber 3, Grey 3, Mouse Grey 3, and Bluish Grey 3.

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