Obsession: A Private Session with Barbara Calzolari

Obsession: A Private Session with Barbara Calzolari

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Obsession: A Private Session with Barbara Calzolari
Friday, July 24, 9:30-10:30am

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Registration Deadline: Monday, June 29

On July 25 and 26, Italian designer and calligrapher, Barbara Calzolari, will present Engrosser’s Script to her Atlanta audience… an all new opportunity to delve into how simple lines become beautiful letters.

On the Friday before, Barbara will offer a rare opportunity for a special private session of intensive calligraphy. These sessions are intentionally limited to up to three students to allow maximum attention from the instructor and creative outpouring from the student. This is an ideal way to gain an in depth understanding in whatever style you’re most passionate about and to ask questions in these intimate sessions.


The daughter of a cabinetmaker and restaurateur, Barbara Calzolari was born in Bologna Italy in 1963. She graduated at ENALC, a school of commercial art, in Bologna. She worked for Publiflash (the silkscreening laboratory of the painter Otello Brocca) and completed projects for Bologna’s Galleria d’Arte Moderna where she met and came to know artists such as Aligi Sassu, Virgilio Guidi, and Ugo Nespolo. Other encounters would later come to change the direction of her professional life, among them her meeting with Massimo Osti, founder of Stone Island and C.P. Company who offered her the chance to work in the fashion sector. She began to work with large firms in the garment and licensing trade creating projects and developing in the Far East for more than 15 years and collaborating on designing collections and developing products for Pirelli, Ferrari, and Ferrero.

Meanwhile, over a period of years, she cultivated and pursued her greatest passion: calligraphy with Associazione Calligrafica Italiana. In the United States she studied in greater depth the use of the flexible nib for Spencerian script with Michael Sull. In 2008 Barbara Calzolari applied her skills to the creation of the masterpiece in only four pieces of the” Deus Caritas Est”, a complete work of art in book form. She engrossed, as a souvenir of the Italy of beauty, the national anthems that the prime minister of Italy wished to present to the heads of state assembled at the G8 Summit in 2009 were she was demonstrating inside the Excellency Italian Museum.

She has written three manuscripts, prestigious books on Catherine de’ Medici epistolar correspondence now held in the Washington, DC Library and in the Vittoriano Museum in Rome. She attends international calligraphy conventions, IAMPETH, Georgia Emory University College of Arts Atlanta, Calligraphy Centre in North Carolina, Friends of the Alphabet, Penablers in Atlanta, and ECV School of Visual Communication in Bordeaux. In March she will teach Spencerian in Berlin for the "Skilled Hands" Association and in July she will be part of a teaching group with a week-long workshop for " Legacy Calligraphy Convention".

Learn more about Barbara Calzolari by visiting her website at: http://www.barbaracalzolari.com/


1. Is the Friday lecture included in the workshop fee?
Yes, if you register for the workshop you are automatically secured a spot in the Friday lecture.

2. How many people will be in the Engrosser’s Script workshop?
The maximum number of workshop participants is 24.

3. How many people will be in the Engrosser’s Script lecture?
The maximum number of lecture participants is 35.

4. Does Binders require a deposit?
No, Binders does not accept deposits nor does Binders pro-rate workshop fees. Full payment is required to reserve your spot.

5. Is there a wait list if the workshop is sold out?
Yes, once the maximum is reached a wait list will be started. If someone cancels their spot it will be offered to the next person in line.

6. What is your refund policy?
Refunds will be given in full before the June 29 registration deadline. After June 29, no refunds will be given.

7. What about lodging?
Please contact the Binders Edu. Office for information for out-of-towners.

8. Where are the private lessons held?
The private lessons will take place Friday, July 24 in the classroom at the Binders store in Buckhead.


Do you have questions? We’re happy to help. Email the BINDERS Education Office at: artschool@bindersart.com.

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